oldie common cat disease (senior)

As your cat gets older it is normal for your body and your attitude gradually changed. Like us, you need a little more care. Your cat can not tell you how you feel, why should observe more closely and notice if the changes are very abrupt and take avoiding action they become a serious problem. Prevention is the key to give you a long and healthy life. The connection between your vet and you now begins its critical stage.

Here we name some of the most common situations

You’ll notice that your cat’s eyes look like covered by a little cloud in the area of ​​the pupil. It is called lenticular sclerosis and although it seems annoying, it is normal for his age and does not limit your vision. But it can be confused with

• Cataracts: These are white and opaque little clouds covering the eye but limited vision. They can after an eye injury or a degenerative condition arise because of age. To remove it needs surgery. Consult your veterinarian.

If you notice that your cat does not respond to sounds that usually do jump (like the sound of the can opener or food container), perhaps he is losing his hearing. To test it, make some noise behind his head, his ears which should at least move in the direction of satellite sound. If you do not move anything, you may be running deaf. But to know for sure, take him to the vet. You may have a lot of accumulated wax or infection due to mites. Both situations can be treated.

If instead it is true that your cat does not listen, the most important step is to leave it inside the house. Surely the whole neighborhood known but now can not hear the car coming. For your safety and your peace of mind, leave it at home.

Going losing the sense of smell begins to stop eating because nothing fancy. To help in this situation, caliéntale food a little to draw their odors and stimulates the sense that is failing.

Not only us suffer. Your cat also suffers from pains in the joints especially if you are overweight. If you notice that your cat has difficulty walking, do not jump to your favorite places or complains to move, you may be suffering from arthritis.

To prevent or help combat there are medications that your vet may prescribe. But you can also help at home

• Maintaining proper weight to not fall as much weight on their joints.

• Look for him calientitos sleeping places. Like us, nothing better than the heat to relax your tired body.

• Play with it so that you exercise: not only lose weight, your joints do not become stiff

It is the loss of control over the amount of sugar in the blood and develops mostly in obese and older cats. A diabetic cat has a high concentration of sugar in their blood and urine. There are two types of diabetes: insulin dependent, the pancreas can not produce enough insulin to regulate the level of blood sugar, and the second occurs when the body reacts negatively to the insulin produced by the pancreas form. Both diseases are delicate and need medical attention.

How to tell if your cat is diabetic? He will present some of the following symptoms

• Weightloss

• Take extra water but always looks dehydrated

• urine more often. Urine can be seen as tacky by the amount of sugar.

• Your hair loses shine

• Weakness

If your cat has one or more of these, it’s time to go to the vet. Dont wait. Once diagnosed can be controlled with diet and / or insulin.

If your cat oldie moment begins to consume more food than normal but still losing weight or suddenly acts which energetic kitten running and jumping instead of sleeping, your cat may be suffering from hyperthyroidism.

What is it? It occurs when the thyroid gland expands and starts producing excess hormones, metabolism cat up to the point where you lose up to a third of its weight. If not treated it will have kidney problems, heart and liver leading him to death. NO are temporary symptoms, you should go to the vet.

Which is the treatment? Your veterinarian will tell you about the three treatment options available

• The first is a pill that you administer to your cat for life. Anyone who has gone through having to give medicine to the cat knows it’s not easy, and less for life. But if you have the patience, it is worth.

• The second option is preferred: radioactive iodine therapy (radioactive iodine therapy), this is done in one day and cure 90 to 95% of cases without having to incur more treatments. The only detail is to be done in a clinic prepared for this and after treatment ended cat should stay in place for one to three weeks depending on how long you need the radioactive material out of your system

• As a last option it is surgery where the gland is removed. The downside is that surgery is delicate and more cat may have other risks.

Liver condition seen mostly in obese cats. Still no cause is known but develops when the cat stops eating due to illness, stress or pre-existing condition of the liver. To stop eating the body tries to process fat into protein as food. The liver can not process this amount of fat, it begins to accumulate in their cells. If not treated the cat will die.


• Your cat turns yellow (if your cat is black, you’ll notice in your eyes and nose, if you lift the hair also see its yellow skin)

• Loss of appetite

• Lose weight quickly

• You can suffer from vomiting and / or diarrhea

But there is good news, diagnosed in time can save the cat. The veterinarian will tell you the necessary treatment. You need to stay hydrated and force him to eat. To stimulate appetite majada you can feed it with food and use a needleless syringe to penetrating its food in his mouth. Remember to go slowly so as not to drown.



It is the most common fungal infection in cats. It is transmitted by inhaling Cryptococcus fungus spores growing on contaminated with bird droppings, usually the pigeon. It affects the nose, skin and neurological system.

Cryptococcosis nose Symptoms include sneezing, mucus or blood of one or both sinuses and shortness of breath. Polyps may grow in the nose. Infection if not treated can pass the brain causing meningitis, seizures and even blindness.

Cryptococcosis on the skin: swelling on the bridge of the nose, also it occurs on the face and neck.

Cryptococcosis in the neurological system: Its symptoms vary depending on the area affected but include blindness, seizures and lack of coordination.

How to avoid it? The best system of prevention is to keep your cat indoors. A cat does not hunt in the garden is less likely to spread.

Spelling: Cryptococcus (in English), Cryptococcosis (English)

Cats colors

Cats come in a variety of colors and patterns in her hair. And as the cat has that air of importance no matter their lineage, these patterns appear in both cats and mixed race and genetics is so strong that it can distinguish up in solid colored cats.

For many, the cat officer. Which it appears in so many different places from exotic countries to napping in your garden. Its main feature is the pattern of hair that can be striped, lines or dots usually in gray or orange colors. Also it seems to have a letter “M” drawn on his forehead. There are so many of them that should be considered a race, but it is not. What we bring is an interesting story.

Patterns with history: The domestic cat we know today is a descendent of Felis Lybica, wild cat Middle East. This dark gray hair was covered with a layer of gray in different shades, creating uneven patterns insurance colors used as camouflage to attack without being seen.

How the pattern created? The answer is in each of their hairs. If you study them closely you will notice that each hair has up to 3 different colored bands. The mixture of all stripes creates.

basic pattern: Not exactly the same in all tabbies cats, but usually the pattern goes like this: Stripes on legs and tail, a solid strip running along its spine to the tail lines coming out in the corners of the eyes as well as a natural liner.

These are white cats with orange and black spots. And I speak in the feminine because this beautiful mix of colors seems to have been designed just for girls. The vast majority of calico cats are female and the male is born tricolor has a high probability of being sterile. The reason lies in genetics. The gene that determines the color orange is linked to female chromosome X. That is why any cat, whether male or female, can be orange, as in the case of orange tabbies, but females have the possibility of being orange tabby, calicos or turtles.

Good luck: Through history, calico cats are considered good luck symbols. In the United States it is known as the “money cat” in the Celtic tradition brought good fortune to households and Japan protected its sailors from storms and evil spirits. Perhaps that is why his Maneki Neko, the classic ceramic cat with its front paw raised standing in front of their business is a Japanese bobtail, breed that comes with Calicos colors.

These fall into the same category of genetic tricolors. They are mostly females. But their colors are usually a mixture asymmetric as those found in turtles black and orange or cream, black and orange with little or no white, contrary to the specific spots calico. That is why its name is derived.

They are females with attitude: turtle Cats are famous for having an attitude of strong woman, in English is called tortitude. Features tortitude includes a very vocal and not afraid to make itself felt and achieve its mission, stubborn and independent cat, but in turn loving and extremely jealous of its owner. The tricolored cats also share some of this attitude but on a smaller scale. You know, if you adopt one of these girls, you’re warned.

Steps to implement “Trap / Neuter / Return” in your community

You see them everywhere. They live where you live or work. When they find a safe place and available food, cats come together and form colonies. This is where they live, mate, kittens are born and cats die. Because of its easy proliferation, the number of cats up to dangerous numbers quickly. For years it has tried to control the situation picking them up and taking them to shelters. Cats are smarter, they are carried 4 and 6 new pussycats approach the colony. This vicious circle never ends. But there is a positive solution that has given results wherever it is installed.

It is called Trap / Neuter / Return (or TNR – Trap / Neuter / Return English) to the process of trapping the cats that live in the colony, take them to the vet to be neutered and vaccinated before being returned to their home colony . It is the most effective way to deal with the problem of overpopulation of cats in communities and cities providing healthy life for cats and the humans who interact with them. When the cat is sterilized their need to fight for couple disappears. Sterilized cat does not bring little ones to the world. Colony numbers are decreasing over the years. But while they are there, they live healthy and peaceful.

It sounds interesting right? You want to learn the process? Before you take, you have to earn your trust.

The easiest way to earn cats is giving them food. Establishes a regular time and place for food and water. Do not force them, let them find the place and adjust their schedule to yours to create a routine.

In this complicated life we ​​live being in a specific place at a certain time is not always possible. Need help. Create a group of neighbors willing to help with the Pussycats. Handing responsibilities run the process easier.

Notes the cats in the colony and into a list (with pictures if possible) the more docile than can be prepared for adoption of which must be returned. If there are babies kittens, they go to the list of adoption.

Before you catch, you need to trust the vet to operate your cats. Ask for animal charities. Many provide a list of veterinarians in the area who perform sterilizations at low cost. It also investigates non-profit entities that work with animals, they also help with economic operating expenses and vaccines also provide you with specific cages to catch stray cats. Make sure you have all the information in writing and that the numbers given are correct. You do not want surprises after the work is finished.

Cages to trap cats are not like those we use for our home cats. They are long and cast metal with a door that closes feels as soon move in;. • new or borrowed should be cleaned with hot water and soap. Dry it well. You do not want that smells like other cats;. • The idea of ​​walking on metal bars is not suitable for the cat. Place a towel or newspaper inside the cage to not be afraid to walk to it;. • To invite the cage, you have to have food. The smell of tuna drives them crazy. Check on a plate a lot and let the aroma reach his nostrils. • Cover the cage with a towel and put them in hiding as inbetween trash cans or under some plant locations. Do not put close to each other, cats will note the number and not enter;. • After you put the food, stay away from the cage but do not go very far. Other animals may be tempted to use the cage. Check every 15 minutes or so soon hear the door shut it. • Check that the jack is in the cage but NOT the destapes. It feels safer if plugged;. • The cat should not be removed from the cage until you reach the vet. If you’re spending the night with you, place the cage in a quiet corner and let it be.

After 24 hours, it’s time to take him home. Take the cage to its original place, open the door and let go time. You may fly off as you stay some time researching the area;. • Follow your routine food and water at the same time in the same place. Perhaps the first days do not come so fast, but the anger does not last long. Hunger calls and see again waiting for you to eat;. • Few actions in life fill us with as much joy as helping those in need. Your group of neighbors are doing a beautiful job. Congratulate and enjoy their company: cats and humans together.

Costs to live with your cat

As mentioned several times, keeping a cat is pretty cheap but not free. Your first step is to know for sure that you have the ability to keep and to continue your normal life. For more irresistible it is not worth having a kitten then if you can not pay the rent. So take the first step verify your income and expenses to see if caring for a cat is viable in your current economic situation. There are many who do not resist and “save” that cat from the street and after a few months it back to the corner or take it to a shelter because they are unable to keep the costs.

But if your numbers are positive and your desire to have a kitten is a force that can not help, here we divide the basic costs to keep a cat responsibly. It should be noted that costs vary depending catlike life in the area where you live, so even try the correct figures, it is always good to call and cross-check with your veterinarian or adoption center for exact costs.

Adopt or mixed race: The costs vary depending on the type of adoption you use and the type of cat you want for you. If you are one mixed and adopt from a friend that her cat had kittens, obviously not paying for adoption, but believes that the cost to vaccinate and sterilize it will be between $ 100 and $ 200. If you adopt shelter, your cat will already be vaccinated and neutered and you only pay him the shelter, which will cost between $ 50 and $ 100.

Buy a pedigreed cat is more complicated. First of all make sure the person selling is legal and not fall into the hands of someone who sells you the kitten without papers. Costs for purebred cats are usually between $ 300 to $ 1,000 but can reach thousands if the cat is competition.

annual basic expenses

1.Esterilización: As we said, depending on the form of adoption, the cost can be between $ 100 to $ 200.

2.Vacunas: $ 200 to $ 250 for vaccines in their first year. After that the cat need not be vaccinated annually, but should have an annual check-up, which will cost between $ 50 to $ 100, if the check is in a healthy cat.

3.Comida: canned or dry, $ 25 to $ 40 monthly.

4. Cash and sand: Depending on the box you choose (and approved by your cat), your costs are from $ 10 for the simple up to $ 200 for the luxury that one is clean. A base plate of sand can cost between $ 10 to $ 20 and can last up to two months.

5. tube or box scraper: Very necessary for nail care of your cat and the long life of your furniture and limbs. A simple box costs between $ 2 or $ 5. Labyrinths with multiple levels can reach $ 100.

6. Emergency vet: If it happens on a weekend or late at night, emergency costs become extremely expensive, none will come in under $ 200. But not for this you must leave your injured cat, vomiting excessively or in pain all night. Expect to pay less can cost you your life pussycat.

7. Toys: From rubber balls to stuffed catnip mice toys are necessary to entertain your cat, especially if you spend much time alone in your house. Costs between $ 2 and $ 10 for simple toys.

jack hunter

It’s ancient history, literally. Your cat may appear to be completely tamed. All your needs are covered, water and food available 24 hours a day, sandbox for their physical waste, lots of toys and towers to scrape her nails, but just appears at your door with a dead bird in his mouth. Your kitten is not cruel, is that you can not avoid.

The hunting instinct has factory, ie it is an integral part of his being. In fact, it was this instinct that led him to domesticate. When civilization became agricultural, the cat became the hero as eliminated the problem of rats in barns. Now we have them as companions at home, but the instinct is not dead. To your cat loves to hunt. Your body is designed for this.

Mother learned: It is she who teaches her kittens how to hunt mice or bringing them live birds or dead to play or eat. Eventually they learn the techniques needed to survive.

Two ways to hunt: The cat has two strategies to get their prey; • Stalking: Pursue tirelessly until hunt. His ability to quickly move (cat stance) and quiet at the same time is an effective weapon; • Ambush. Wait patiently with their fixed until the prey out of hiding look. This occurs mostly when the animal lives underground.

Hunter Cat Behavior: What to us seems a cruel game for your cat has all the common sense of the world; • chattering teeth. This is similar to the sound they make when they bite their prey. The cat, contrary to what seems, is not to suffer the bird and try to kill a single bite. When the cat lives in the house and sees the birds outside the window often comes into this “trance” watching intently and his body seems to think that has already hunted. For this Castanea his teeth as if in the process. This may be accompanied by short meows.

• Move your head before attacking: This is done to ensure that the dam has not moved and that her jump to her is correct. The cat has binocular vision and moving his head quickly from side to side helps you calculate the distance between him and his prey. He does not fall on it and immobilize it means losing battle because the insurance prey escape.

Common questions about hunter behavior; • Why play with the prey? Because your cat does not need to hunt to eat but when we finally have the opportunity to catch something, you want to enjoy the moment.

• Why bring me dead animals? We find it hard to understand that our beautiful pussycat may be able to kill another creature. And worse is when you open your door in the morning and find the poor dead mouse or bird waiting for burial.

For years insurance you’ve heard that this is a “gift” that the cat is regaling you and you should thank your kitten gesture. But with a little research we found new theories. These apply knowledge found with wild cats, the ancestors of yours; 1. The cat is bringing him food to members of their colony who can not feed themselves – read TU, unable to hunt humans 2.. Carries the prey to your door to teach the techniques and learn to hunt;. 3. The cat recognizes you as part of their colony and according to their social customs, must be fed;. So I do not see it as something bad or negative. Your kitten simply you are training in feline language. Do not forget to appreciate what he does for you and give you an extra cariñito for their efforts.

• Can I stop the process? DO NOT. What you can do is prevent remove live animals. A cat that lives indoors only mice will hunt lie. If your cat enters and leaves home can help future victims in various ways. The cat hunting at dawn or at night. If you enter your cat in the afternoon you avoid that is free during those hours. You can also put a bell on his collar. The noise will scare anyone left in its wake. EYE: No guarantee that the cat does not learn to remove the bell (act I have witnessed) or hold his head up to make no noise. The cat is ready.

Arthritis in cats

The cat is always presented as an animal grace, elegant with a frankly enviable balance level. But over the years, these spectacular maneuvers and leaps from high places have very negative consequences. We talk about inflammation of the joints, better known as arthritis.

In the gatuno world, the most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis.

What is osteoarthritis? It is a degenerative joint disease and develops in this way

Cat joints (like ours), are surrounded by cartilage. The mission is to protect joint cartilage, keeping its elasticity with the ability of movement in the legs, elbows, shoulders, etc.

When the cat develops osteoarthritis, the cartilage is lost and joints are left without elastic material that helps in the movement causing the bones collide with each other. It becomes rather painful move.

Symptoms include; • Difficulty moving; • Avoid jumping to your favorite tablet; • Limp of one or more legs; • Inactivity; • Complains of pain in specific areas

What causes it? Among the causes that lead to osteoarthritis are; • Fall or accident; • Age; • Obesity

Diagnosis and treatment

It is diagnosed based on X-ray Osteoarthritis has no cure, but can relieve symptoms.

• Diet and exercise: If the cat is obese, the vet will give a new dietary regimen that must be followed to the letter. Remember that if you are thinner, less pressure joints will hurt less. Moderate exercises are acceptable, but do not force it. If you show pain you know you’re not going to convince. Leave him alone.

• Prevent lift a bad mood: No one likes to be cold. And much less when bones ache. Your cat is no exception. If your sleeping areas are in places with cold or humid currents, rename his bed to a warmer place. The more I heat better.

• Help him up: If your entertainment is look out the window or sleeping in your bed, but climb causes pain, colócale some steps so you can get to it. You do not have to invest in something expensive, you can do with books or boxes.

Medications: Today we have more drugs to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis in the Pussycats. But ALWAYS they must be prescribed by a veterinarian and low followed their instructions.

Cats are very susceptible to poisoning treatments that seem harmless. Medications such as acetaminophen and aspirin are poisonous. Check well with the doctor before giving any remedy. You can make the situation worse.

Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV)

The feline immunodeficiency virus, better known as feline HIV or its acronym IVF was first diagnosed in 1986 in a colony of cats in California. Since FIV cases have been diagnosed worldwide. And not only attacks the cats, also their cousins ​​lions, tigers and pumas.

What does the virus? In the same way that HIV in humans, FIV attacks the cat’s immune system to fight against preventing infections.

NOTE: The cat with FIV you can not infect you. Although the virus comes from the same family as HIV, it is specific for cats.

Symptoms: The virus is not easily detected from the first. The way to know that the cat has FIV is when they begin to suffer from other diseases. This occurs in 3 phases

• Phase 1: The virus enters the body and is taking possession of white blood cells. Symptoms in cats include fever, anemia and swelling of the lymph nodes.

• Phase 2: The symptoms seem to disappear and the cat apparently healthy lives for years.

• Phase 3: In this phase are already signs. The virus destroys the immune system and the cat is exposed to any infection. Symptoms of Phase 3 are; • loss of weight and appetite • hair loses its shine; • Anemia; • Stomach problems; • Gingivitis; • diarrhea; • respiratory infections, eye, skin and urinary tract; • Cancer

Transmission and diagnosis: The virus is transmitted through saliva, especially when it comes coupled with bloody bites.

For this reason the greatest risk of infection between cats (male and female) unsterilized. The constant battle joined the mating process usually ends with the cat biting the cat territory create the perfect environment for the virus to spread. And this does not end the circle, many pregnant cats infect their kittens from the womb.

One more reason to spay or neuter your cat.

The diagnosis is not easy. It begins in the same way that the FeLV, using the ELISA blood test (for its acronym in English) which detects if the cat has antibodies to FIV. But the problem is that depending on the stage where the virus is found, the results can be misleading.

An example: A kitten born from an infected mother can receive antibodies from breast milk. The test will give positive results even if the kitten does not have the virus.

If there is still doubt, another test called IFA (immunofluorescence assay) to detect viral infection in white blood cells is used.

It is not the end: A diagnosis of IVF is devastating. But having the virus does not mean your cat will die immediately. Like millions of humans can live with HIV for years, your cat can also enjoy a fairly normal life for a long time.

Treatment: No cure, but solutions to keep you for years; • Follow your routine checkups so they look healthy.. Also be sure to take at the first sign of infection. • Diet high in protein and good quality; • Keep your cat indoors; • A flea-free regime to prevent infection

Prevention; • Sterilize your cats; • Keep them indoors and away from fights with other cats in the neighborhood; • If you plan to adopt a kitten, make sure you are vaccinated before taking it home. This is doubly important if you have more cats in your home.

Signs that your cat is sick

Your cat is a trained actor. It does not come when you call (although he dies by saludarte), does not play when you want and not have pain tells you when you are suffering. But often you strip signals to tell you not feeling well. Some more subtle than others, but as an owner you know him so well that you can decipher. Here I present some

The cat makes its needs out of the box has a problem. Deciphering whether medical or behavioral needs further investigation. If no change in their environment as the arrival of a new member to the family, change of sand, move, or trauma box near the cash, the problem should be taken to the vet. Pussycat may be suffering from a urinary tract infection, diabetes and even early kidney problems.

Changes in your breath indicate changes in your health. Symptoms can include anything from an abscess in his mouth, kidney problems and even tumors in your body. Your gums should be pink. Any other color is a symptom of disease.

If detracts attention to their physical appearance, something is not right. Pussycat is a slave to her hair, giving her hours to keep it clean and with its special smell. Dull hair, knotted, or thrown in excess are enough symptoms to take it to your doctor.

Scratching obsessively to irritate your skin or leave areas without hair it can be caused by fleas, allergies or stress. Failure to take action could complicate the situation. Consultation with the veterinarian.

We do not speak of being agitated after a good workout. If the Pussycat sneezes frequently and if this is accompanied by secretions in your nose is time to seek medical attention. The cat may be cold.

None is positive. An increase in food intake and / or water are symptoms of serious problems such as diabetes or hyperthyroidism.

Instead to eat less food and not drink as much water may mean that the Pussycat is suffering from an infection in his mouth. A dehydrated cat can die in two days. Do not take this game. Take him to the doctor.

If your cat is quiet and suddenly mew 24 hours a day you are screaming your symptoms. You may have suffered some trauma and be afraid or simply do not listen well. It also indicates early senility.

This is difficult to diagnose because the cat sleeps so much during the day. But you know well and if you find that your sleep habits have changed is indicative of a change in your system.

No matter the color are indicated infection and should be treated.

It is not pleasant but important. We must be aware of changes in color, shape and frequency. Any change in this area is a symptom of urinary tract diseases and even diabetes.

Nobody knows him like you. If you notice that your cat’s behavior is not the usual, make a list of changes and consultation with the veterinarian.

right food for your cat

We as humans need certain nutrients in order to enjoy a healthy life. Your cat is the same. The difference is in the foods you need to have that healthy life. The basis of their diet is meat. The cat is a pure carnivore so you need to ingest large amounts of protein and taurine acid in your daily diet, read elements found in meat. How much protein? About 26% of your daily diet.

Remember that the cat until recently was a wild animal and ate it hunted daily. There was no food can be opened so that the mouse and the bird became lunch and dinner. But not because now is in your house do not change their needs. The difference is now not have to go work for food.

But a trip to the supermarket or pet store will raise your stress level to meet the enormous number of classes of cat food available.

What should have a balanced meal? Cat food must have specific nutrients to provide complete nutrition. Your veterinarian can help you choose the ideal type of food, but we give you some tips to learn before you go shopping. Some important data are

• Small kittens need more protein and fat during development than adult cats. If you have a kitten, food should say something like: “. Complete balanced diet and especially for cats of any age” “complete balanced diet and special kitten” or Although you can buy specific food for kittens, the reality is that any age contains the necessary nutrients and maybe even have too many calories for an adult cat, your kitten needs them.

• However, if your cat is an adult, the label should mention “Complete Nutrition for the welfare of your adult cat” or “complete balanced diet and especially for cats of any age.” Unlike the case of the kitten, the ideal food for any age has a lot of calories so you should be very aware of the amounts that you give your adult cat to avoid being overweight. Both the can and the bag of dry food includes a table with the required amounts depending on the age and weight of your cat.

• If your cat has a medical condition that is more oldie or require a specific diet, consult your veterinarian and make sure the food you manage will be one that will assist to improve their situation.

• Read data table food: Meat is the most important ingredient in your diet. Check how much meat is in the product portfolio. Meat or meat derivatives should appear as first or near these ingredients on the table. Also read what the daily percentage of protein, fat and fiber. For an adult cat a minimum of 26% protein and 9% fat is indicated; if it is for kittens or pregnant or lactating cats, the percentage should be not less than 30% protein.

Cat food is divided into these two alternatives. Both provide the nutrients needed for good diet for your cat. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

• Dry food – This contains more calories and is more economical. It also helps keep your teeth free of tartar.

• Food tin – For its rich scent is the favorite of any cat. It has fewer calories than dry because it contains 70% water which helps in situations such as urinary tract infections.

You can not decide? A solution for many cat owners is to mix both classes. They give a can of daily food but also keep a plate with dry food. Eye with this – not all cats eat the same way and overeating leads to overweight. If you’re going to give a can of food daily, limits the amount of dry food ration half. Again, consult your veterinarian before offering the buffet the Pussycat.

The easiest way is always to have him dry food on your plate for the cat to eat several times a day when you feel hungry. It sounds wonderful and easy but as we mentioned, not all cats are the same and if they like to have food to eat this all day ends in a cat overweight with serious health consequences.

The second solution is to give food at specific times. The cat loves routine, believe me you will know when the time draws near their food. Give either the dry food in the morning and at night or can only their ration of dry food 1 time a day helps keep weight down.

Cat ideal weight depends on your stage of life and race. Overall a healthy adult cat weighs between 8 and 10 pounds.

If you want to know if your cat is on your weight, you can weigh it. But if you do not have a scale at home, you can also check to see their ribs. If they are very prominent, your cat is underweight; if you can not see or touch, your cat is overweight. The ribs should be covered with a layer of fat, but sit on your hands when touched.

• The cat food is a favorite dog – If you have cats and dogs will have already gone through the situation. The dog fascinates cat food. It has a scent that calls them and leads to temptation. But even if they seem equal, cat food is high in calories and proteins that are not beneficial to the diet of your dog. Likewise, the dog food is not healthy for your cat because it lacks the necessary amount of fat for your cat to function healthily. It would be ideal for your pocket to eat the same, but unfortunately nature made them different.

NOTE: One way to prevent your dog cat food to eat up is to place the food dish at a higher and more inaccessible to the dog place. It will not be very happy with you, but you’re doing a favor for your health.

• Fresh water is more important than food – your cat consumes large amounts of water daily. If you only eat dry food, it takes twice as much water in relation to the amount of food. Canned food is 70% water, so if your cat eats only can, take less water. But not for this you must let dry, keep your water dish always full.

• Your cat can go for days without food. It reaches lose up to 40% of their body mass keeping active all his vital organs. But it can not survive without water.