7 interesting facts about your cat’s paws

The cat uses its legs to move, this should not surprise anyone. But this is not its only purpose. The legs also polish, interesting secrets that help you understand a little more the language feline hide.

The forelegs have over 27 bones and 5 toes. The rear come with only 4 fingers so his bones is lower. The amount varies even more if the cat is polydactyl it has 6 toes on each foot.

As the ballerinas, the cat walks using only your fingertips. Movement helps you maintain your natural grace but also perfect when going hunting: by making less noise making surprise the prey, depending on your lifestyle can be a bird or your feet.

The cat sweat for their legs. Their pillows are equipped with scent glands that leave their essence in every corner of its territory to let others know that the place has an owner.

We know that the cat is obsessed with cleanliness and this includes their legs. But this means that any substance on the floor or on the patio will reach their language and that does not always have positive results. If your cat leaves the yard, check your feet before you start your bathroom and make sure you do not have plant residues or hazardous to your health food. Also beware of detergent you use to clean your home. Many chemicals are toxic to the Pussycat.

Hair grows until her fingers making it difficult to walk and keep their feet clean. If your pussy is hairy, check their feet daily to prevent cuts or bring particles that prevent walking comfortably.

A cat with short nails is a cat that does not scratch anyone. But keep your nails short is not easy task to accomplish. If you have a baby kitten, it is easier to accustom. But if you adopted an adult cat or comes from the street, the success of the mission takes longer. When relaxed, caressing their legs without touching her nails. You have to earn your trust. After the pussycat stop playing, start by cutting a nail at a time (unless you treat it allows more). This is teamwork. But of course, the cat is the boss. Do not lose patience, gradually the battle is won.

* This is when many new cat owners ask about declawing or declawing in English. This practice is not the favorite of veterinarians and is even illegal in many countries and because it is cruel and incredibly painful with negative results for the Pussycat process. Each pet you bring home comes with its specific characteristics. The cat has nails. You can live with them.

Not all pillows on their feet are pink. Cats come in a variety of colors and pillows their legs reflect their skin tone. So if your cat is black, their pillows are black but if calico or multiple colors, pillows are like her hair, different colors. Perfect combination!