A college with your cat roommate

Question: A college with your cat roommate

You finished high school and start college career. An important development in your professional and as a human being stage. During these years you independizas, living away from home for the first time. Having to make decisions for yourself helps define you as a person, because you allow what you want to learn about life, how you want to live your life. New friendships are formed with new experiences.

This change is not easy. Many find it hard to abandon life at home and get used to independent living. You need someone you can trust to smile when you get to your room after classes. Here enters the game having a pet in your room.

But before you fall in love with the idea of ​​having your cat in college, you need to analyze the situation well and honestly answer the questions below.


Can you have a pet;? Before adopting or move the cat from home the room you have to be clear with the rules of the university.

• Will I live alone or I’ll have a roommate,? If this is your first year is safer to have one or more companions in the room. The idea of ​​having a cat as a pet is fabulous … for you. But before accommodate the sandbox, check with your new roommates;. • Are allergic; • Never have had a pet; • do not like animals and may harm

Any of these answers are NOT to take the Pussycat. It’s your first year and you have much to learn. Perhaps it is better to wait a while until you find the roommate cat lover.

• Costs cat; Having a cat as a pet is not necessarily expensive, but it does require some expenses. Who provides the money for these? Know in advance who will pay for; • food; • sand • toys; • and veterinary expenditure is important.

• Studies, friends, parties, long hours in the library, the college years are active and intense with very few hours of rest and tranquility. While it is true that the cat enjoys sleeping long hours, also you need attention plus; • Food; • Fresh water available; • clean litter box several times a week; • Play and exercise not just bring the poor animal to leave room for one day and night. Be honest and decide if you’re going to devote time to Pussycat. If you can not make a decision immediately, better leave it as plan after graduation.

• Who gets the cat during weekends or holidays,? The cat can stay one night only, but that is irresponsible and dangerous. Your safety depends on you. In the accommodation you live with people with different views. It is part of what makes this so special because you learn from everything a little time. But this group also includes people who do not respect animals and act misconduct. Any of these can open the door and let the cat out as pure fun. A stray cat is not funny. His life changes dramatically;. Make a list of trusted friends and cat lovers reaffirm early on that can take care Pussycat if you you are away for days.

If you answer yes: If after honestly answering the questions you keep the decision to adopt a cat for you consider your life in your room; • Adopt an adult cat: It is considered adult cat older than any 1 year. The biggest advantage is that your personality is already developed and have no surprises; • Create a cozy space for the Pussycat. Not only live cat food. For you to enjoy while you are in school; • Colócale slats in the windows to admire the outside safely; • Posts and scraper boxes save your furniture need to sharpen their nails. Remember that the room you share with your peers, but still gatuno territory and as such the Pussycat must defend it. • Give love. So you avoid negative behavior changes.

If you answer no: If after reading the points you think is best admired from afar cats, we have a solution; • Join volunteer at the shelter: Here you earn both. The cat has one to help him find a home and you have your time catlike affection; • Learn about Trap / Neuter / Return (TNR or English). Feral cats are famous universities. Their colonies have many kittens that live to mate and find food. It helps volunteer work sterilize to decrease the number of cats born each year. Perhaps you breathe in and you decide to start your activity. Either way you’re sharing with felines, helping and learning. Who knows and you end up changing careers. Decent human animals need to speak for them and defend them.