Adopt a senior adult kitten or

Question: Adopt a kitten senior adult, or

Well, you made the wise decision to adopt a cat. Now you have to decide what to bring home. To help give you some data about the cat and their ages. It is considered an adult cat to that in a year. The senior cats are those of 10 years or more. A healthy cat can live up to 20 years.

The decision you make should be based on your lifestyle. Remember that once you bring home the Pussycat will be your responsibility for many years. Take the cat that best suits you. For example


• Do you have young children? Two recommendations: Do not adopt babies kittens or a senior cat. Both the child and the kitten require a lot of patience and time to serve them. Both creatures see the world as something new that should be explored intensely. also they see each other as a toy. Scratches and tears are part of your daily work. Avoid panic. A baby at home is enough.

A senior cat care and other needs. Even if you are used to living among humans his days of intense game and passed preferring to live more relaxed and calm. Enjoy napping without being cluttered. The child will never understand that and worse, being his first experience with pets may leave a bad taste difficult to change later in life.

However if you adopt an adult cat the situation may be different. I say “may” because your cat lover perhaps not so children must keep it apart when it fits your home and its inhabitants. Once accustomed to his room, he goes gradually introducing the rest of the home. Do not force the encounter with the child, let it happen naturally.

What will happen? From experience I can tell you that there are two possibilities: the cat simply ignores the child and seeks high surface to sit quietly and watch all or can become your playmate. Both solutions will be entertaining and not have problems sharing your home with children and cats.

• You live alone and / or both you and your partner work long hours: If one of these (or both) are your realities I recommend that you adopt an adult cat. This insurance is already trained to use the litter box, has its distinct personality, and he spent his time playing 24 hours a day, but always be curious and will investigate everything thoroughly, it will elegantly without destroying your house.

If this seems a good idea to remember that although the cat may live alone but needs entertainment. Be sure to have you scrapers boxes or poles so you can scrape your nails, plus toys around the house so you have to play with what you get. Another option is to adopt two cats at a time to make company. This decision must be analyzed in depth but can be very funny.

• If you are elderly: The fact that you are “less young” does not mean you have to deprive yourself of the experience of living with a cat. It is proven to share with pet calm anxiety and adds years of life. But even if you feel full of energy, train a kitten is exhausting. This is your stage of life relaxed, looking for a cat to live like you. Adopt a senior cat is a good idea. You’re not just bringing a new friend to your home, chances are you’re saving her life. The shelters are full of cats ready for adoption, but most of the adoptees are young cats. And if the shelter has a policy of euthanasia, older cats are the first to go.

So not only gain a new friend, also you are giving a second chance. And do not think you’ll say goodbye very quickly. As already we mentioned, with good care and feeding your cat can live up to 20 years. Those are many years purring and love.