anal glands

Believe me to write about this is unpleasant. But it is part of living with cats. The cat has 2 anal glands, one on each side of the anus. They are small and unless you work as a stylist do not you find cats in the world. Until the odor takes over your cat and your nose.

What are;? The function of the glands is to mark territory. When the cat defecates, expelled from their glands an incredibly unpleasant but very effective odor. Area away from any other feline who wants to take over the place.

Also they used as a defense mechanism in cat fights basting with excreta and the daring cat odor.

infallible for the cat who lives on the street weapon, but for the Pussycat living comfortably at home without any enemy, do not seem very useful. But they are there and sometimes they can clog and inflame causing discomfort and even infection.

Symptoms of inflammation of the anal glands; • Difficulty passing stool; • The cat drags his anus across the floor or other surfaces; • constant bath anal area; • liquid mucous Download area

Causes: There is no specific cause but some situations can create the problem; • Diarrhea (IBD) or excreted very soft: In order to expel the scent glands, the cat needs your stool is solid; • Diet. A diet high low-fat and / or fiber can be the key. Consultation with the veterinarian before changing your diet.

Treatment; glands can be emptied manually. But do not try. Take him to the vet. a sample of the discharge to examine and decide which procedure to follow will be collected.

The vet glands emptied and cleaned. If you need antibiotic is injected at the time. Pussycat will have to return to the doctor in a week to verify that the antibiotic did his job.

It is difficult to control your cat does not try to clean the rear area. He knows that there is something that should not be there. But for treatment to be effective, the area should be kept as clean as possible. Consider the vet put a necklace type “satellite” during treatment to improve everything smoothly.

NOTE: If after treatment the cat still crawling on the ground, the problem is another such as flea allergy. The intense itching caused him to seek relief as is. Consultation on remedies to control fleas at home.