Annual visits to the vet are necessary

The myth that “the cat heals itself” is deeply rooted in our culture feeling, but is not based on reality. Although it is true that the cat hides well his ailments as part of their survival instinct, does not mean that you need medical help.

Today the cat is the most popular pet in America, but receives less annual checkups. This has to change. Begins to destroy the myths

• First of all, trust the vet: A strong relationship between veterinarian and owner of cat is vital to the health Pussycat, the doctor needs of your observations to understand the case, you need to trust that diagnosis given is correct. This process can be long and frustrating, but absolutely necessary.

• My cat lives inside, he is not going to get sick: Although it is found that the cat that lives inside your house has a better chance for a long and healthy life, is no excuse to skip doctor visits.

• The routine changes depending Pussycat is entering years. The food tastes at 3 years is not what needs to 8. A change in diet is necessary to keep it adequately nourished. And the perfect combination of food you give it to the vet.

• The same happens with dental health. The cat lives indoors but may suffer dental problems either by age or accident. You can check the gums or teeth, but do not have the ability to remove an infected part. For that you need the vet who knows your cat and knows if the problem is isolated or can be repeated.

• Behavioral changes are the way the cat tell you that something is not right in your body. Who better to help you solve the mystery, diagnose the problem and offer a solution to the veterinarian who carried checking from baby kitten.

• The cat was adopted from the shelter and I gave him shots and sterilized: First of all, thanks for taking the shelter! The amount of cats that die annually in shelters is dreadful and believe it or not, are helping to change the situation.

The shelter takes the first step, but will not answer your questions when the cat does not want to use the box or meows constantly; you clarify who doubts is your veterinarian.

• Veterinary costs are very high: This excuse understand it well. The current economic situation limits us. But if you think about it, make your annual checkup helps unmask any condition that is being developed in the cat before the problem becomes more serious. That is, take it once or twice a year saves you money.

Also consider investing in a health insurance for your cat. These, like us, help mitigate the costs.