Are you alérgio but want a cat?

Cats and allergies are as natural as black and white combination, white shirt with jeans or pizza and beer … But while those combinations make us feel good (especially the pizza), live sneezing constantly is not healthy. It is easy to blame the cat, but it is not always the correct verdict.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: I know how beautiful it is to live with a cat, but not for everyone. If you suffer from chronic asthma, respiratory diseases or severe allergies, please see your doctor and consúltale your plan before venturing to gatuno territory.

If instead you think your desire to have a cat is enough to learn to control allergies reason, the lesson continues. Here we explain the causes for allergies and what you can do to maintain your health and your pussycat.

The idea that cat hair is the cause of allergies is a misconception. Hair is not the problem, it is the dander that accumulates when the cat bathing. While passing his tongue over his body transmits Fel D1, element found in their saliva and during the process proceeds to your skin. This allergen becomes dander (skin flakes and saliva secretions), which in turn passes the environment whenever the cat jumps, shakes or is cherished by you. Once in the environment, go to your nose, furniture, curtains and carpets among others.

Tip: Do not be fooled: Adopt a cat that does not have hair like the Sphinx or curly hair like Devon Rex, because supposedly do not cause allergies, may seem positive suggestions. But not having hair does not mean it has no Fel D1 on your system and while the cat is clean, it will transmit to your body and the environment.

This remedy works not only for you but also for allergic friends visiting you. Do not pass your hands over your face (especially eyes) after playing with the cat. Washing prevents dandruff quickly reaches your nose.

To have a healthy life you have to rest. To rest you need peace and quiet. Spend your nights sneezing, blowing his nose, itchy eyes and itchy ears not sound like a good night’s sleep. Sleep with your cat is very delicious, but to live with it need a clean area of ​​your home to recharge your batteries. Your cat has the rest of the house. Leave your bedroom door always closed.

You know that even if your bedroom is closed, you go in and out several times a day after playing with your cat dander bringing you. Wash bedding often helps remove allergens and mites that live in your bed.

Pass it on all carpets, curtains and furniture in areas where your cat wanders.

Just thinking I feel my nails into my skin, blood running … The reality is that if you get used to bathe your cat will not have problems since childhood. You do not have to bathe him with shampoo, pass only warm water helps eliminate dandruff.

If your cat definitely not like the bathroom, do not suffer scratches to save your nose. Pass wet towel micro fiber can alleviate the problem and sure to be a much more positive experience for both.

If allergies continue to battle must take drastic measures. When possible, remove carpets, curtains or fabric-covered furniture. All these surfaces attract cat dander and keep it ready for the victim to approach or contact.

It seems a lot of work, but when you want something, work for it. Coexistence between allergies and cats is possible, it just takes a little more energy on your part. The reward is worth it.