Are you sure you want a cat?

If you’re determined to get a pet and the option to adopt a cat sounds tempting, there are certain facts that you should be very clear before running to the shelter to look for. There are few things sadder in the world to see an abandoned animal by its owner,. To begin the cat never has an owner, it just fits your life. The cat is a very loving and faithful animal, but always keeps its independent instinct. If you want a pet that will follow your commands and come to you when you call, the cat is not for thee. Another important fact is that a cat can last from 15 to 20 years, are you ready to care for that time? Your responsibility begins the moment you adopt.

Your lifestyle also affects the process.

You live alone: ​​While it is true that the cat is independent and does not bother you to have moments of solitude, you do need attention and company. If you live alone and work long hours a day, one solution is to take two. And accompanied during the day while you work, you have family. It is important that everyone is very clear about the responsibilities of having a cat as part of the family. A good way to adapt is to divide the gatunas tasks: a clean litter box, another gives him food and keeps fresh water, someone else is responsible for styling … it will feel like the most important member of the home¡ fact that nobody doubt!

Kitten: Kittens are adorable, those giant eyes, his innate curiosity that is always bristling hair … But all this comes with a price. Adopt a kitten means dealing with all his upbringing: the train him to use the litter box, the teach him not to jump to the top of the kitchen, get home and off of the curtains, plus expenses vet as the first vaccines and sterilization. If you have small children, it not recommended to adopt a kitten. A baby in the house is enough. Your child will probably look like a very attractive toy and not knowing how to play with it, it can hurt. Keep in mind that this can also happen in reverse;. Finally the kittens are divine, but kids finally love to play, their energy is inexhaustible and his instinct leads them to constantly explore. Are you ready for that; The adult cat: If your life is busy and do not have much time to devote to your kitten, consider adopting an adult. You will save the life of a Pussycat, being less desired, usually it ends up being sacrificed. Many people think that an adult cat is not able to become attached to his master. That’s not true. An adult cat is given a second chance to live with a family is very grateful and like all happy animal, shows affection and love. It is noteworthy that although it sounds old, is considered “adult cat” to any cat more than one year old. You’re not taking a little old man who will be with you soon, you take a young adult with good care and affection can last from 15 to 20 years. Adopting an adult cat has many advantages, being developed, his personality is already decided and no you have surprises. Contrary to a kitten that only shows his playful side, if you want a quiet cat, sleepy, lapdog or one active and hunter, is easier to find those characteristics in an adult cat than a kitten. In addition to this already know how to use the litter box, it is very likely to have their shots and be sterilized (although it is always good to take him to a vet and verify), so you do not have to incur those monetary expenses.

One of the great gatunas questions. Your answer depends on whom you ask the question. The reality is that both can be good pets. The detail is that the cat is sterilized;. No matter whether it is male or female, a cat unsterilized is a headache for owners. The unsterilized female may have her first heat at 4 months. For about two weeks, the cat emits sounds frightening to humans but serve to attract candidates. So not only have a cat meowing day and night air looking for the perfect place to leave your home to find her boyfriend moment, you also have visitors who want to come and meet your puss. Need more reasons to sterilize? Each pregnancy brings kittens 2 to 4 the world, many of them are not home. The amount of kittens that are abandoned on the street or euthanized in shelters is depressing. Do not keep adding to the problem;. Similarly, the male cat is not sterilized also in danger. If you live in your house, the cat upon reaching middle age begin to mark their territory. It can be as harmless as rubbing against your legs to leave their scent on you, like spray the corner of the couch with incredibly unpleasant odor urine that rarely can be eliminated. The process continues toward any corner or furniture that the cat wants to leave marked as yours. If your cat goes out to play in the yard, you will surely hear the cat meowing of neighbor and will join the team of cats who want to get to it. This means getting to fight for the attention of the cat, causing serious injuries that without proper attention can become lethal;. Do not be put off by chauvinistic thoughts that see the process as eliminate him what masculinity your cat. We are talking about being responsible owner and keep your cat healthy.