Arthritis in cats

The cat is always presented as an animal grace, elegant with a frankly enviable balance level. But over the years, these spectacular maneuvers and leaps from high places have very negative consequences. We talk about inflammation of the joints, better known as arthritis.

In the gatuno world, the most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis.

What is osteoarthritis? It is a degenerative joint disease and develops in this way

Cat joints (like ours), are surrounded by cartilage. The mission is to protect joint cartilage, keeping its elasticity with the ability of movement in the legs, elbows, shoulders, etc.

When the cat develops osteoarthritis, the cartilage is lost and joints are left without elastic material that helps in the movement causing the bones collide with each other. It becomes rather painful move.

Symptoms include; • Difficulty moving; • Avoid jumping to your favorite tablet; • Limp of one or more legs; • Inactivity; • Complains of pain in specific areas

What causes it? Among the causes that lead to osteoarthritis are; • Fall or accident; • Age; • Obesity

Diagnosis and treatment

It is diagnosed based on X-ray Osteoarthritis has no cure, but can relieve symptoms.

• Diet and exercise: If the cat is obese, the vet will give a new dietary regimen that must be followed to the letter. Remember that if you are thinner, less pressure joints will hurt less. Moderate exercises are acceptable, but do not force it. If you show pain you know you’re not going to convince. Leave him alone.

• Prevent lift a bad mood: No one likes to be cold. And much less when bones ache. Your cat is no exception. If your sleeping areas are in places with cold or humid currents, rename his bed to a warmer place. The more I heat better.

• Help him up: If your entertainment is look out the window or sleeping in your bed, but climb causes pain, colócale some steps so you can get to it. You do not have to invest in something expensive, you can do with books or boxes.

Medications: Today we have more drugs to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis in the Pussycats. But ALWAYS they must be prescribed by a veterinarian and low followed their instructions.

Cats are very susceptible to poisoning treatments that seem harmless. Medications such as acetaminophen and aspirin are poisonous. Check well with the doctor before giving any remedy. You can make the situation worse.