Cat and dog

It is history that the dog and cat are not friends. But this myth is not always true. With patience and proper training, both pets can reach tolerated and even become inseparable friends.

Why not take? Because both are hunters animals. His wild instinct tells them they have to capture their prey. And everyone tries in their own way. But this behavior can be overcome and live a quiet life with both pets.

Before bringing the new pet: If you are a dog owner and want to add a cat to your guild is a good suggestion which adiestres the dog before bringing the Pussycat. simple commands such as “Sit” and “Stay” in addition to accustom to wear your harness will make the process easier. A controlled dog means to have half the battle won.

On the contrary if you have a cat and want to bring a dog into your home, one or two weeks before the event the cat fix him a safe room as you did when you first came to your home.

• New Cat: For the dog decides not almorzárselo then, you should see the cat get home in his cage. So you know that you came so accept it as part of the family.

• New Dog: Cat instead should not witness the arrival of the dog. For them everything in life is routine and a process. Try that can enter secret to avoid surprises and fears difficult to control in the future.

Whatever the new pet, once into the house, take her to her room and closes the door secure. Surely there will be barking or meowing of the resident pet at the closed door where the new animal is. But more than barking or scrape the door, keep it closed. It is better we get to know first by smell and sounds.

Let them loose so that they know can lead to the resident pet to behave incorrectly. For example if you bring your cat years and notes that now is not using the litter box preferring to do their needs outside is telling you is not happy with the situation. Go slowly. Be patient.

After several days of isolation were now up visually known. Place a security gate as those used for babies at the door. With your dog in your harness and cat in his room, opened the door slowly. DO NOT let any jump the fence to attack the other. Let them smell and look. If you notice any of them becomes aggressive, close the door and try then.

During training is taking the dog for a walk or leave the yard to give the kitten time to explore your home calmly. You need to know the corners, smells and most importantly, the route back to your safe room if the dog becomes very curious or aggressive.

After several sessions where they get to know better, it’s time to let them leave the room.

• Do not leave them alone

• Do not force the meeting

• You’re in control of the situation

Again keep the dog in the harness so that it can control. It sounds like punishment to have tied although the cat is the newest member of the family, but the dog has the advantage in size and aggressiveness and can do damage faster. The cat should feel free to jump to safety splint.

Be patient. This process can be lengthy. And the results are not 100% guaranteed. You may then feel comfortable in their presence are accepted and simply left alone. It also may never be friends and you have to keep them in separate areas. But like they are well known, and they become friends. The latter happens more often than you think.