Cat inside or outside the house

As often happens with many of the global problems, this controversy began humans. The cat was a free creature, which by any field or street restaurant looking mice hunt food in the garbage a darling of which were in his way paced. But her charm was so irresistible that decided to make partner in our home and change their habits this realengas for a new life in the house with daily meal without dangers.

Many think that the cat is still a very free animals (just look at a cat playing happily with a ray of morning sun tells you prefer to be outside) and we must keep its original mode of life. But their natural state did not include cars that run over or neighbors who simply do not want them and poison them or stray cats that fighting for their territory, infected with incurable diseases.

The cat today not live the same reality as their ancestors.

• Do not run over by the car: The cat is careful but you can not cross the street. More than 5.4 million cats are run over by cars in the United States annually.

• No end in food: Your cat is very brave but can not fend off larger animals very hungry. A cat that lives outside is in constant danger of being attacked by coyotes and even dogs. For them the charm of the cat does not exist.

• No ends given away or poisoned: A cats like to investigate. It is very likely to come to visit your neighbors. It is also likely to use their patios or plants such as bathroom (it is easier to get home and use the box). Unfortunately not everyone is an animal lover and many neighbors who put poison in their yards in order to eliminate the problem. It is an illegal and cruel solution.

• Less diseases: Not having to fight with other cats in the neighborhood either by land or girlfriends, you avoid the risk of contracting deadly diseases such as Feline Leukemia Virus, among others.

• No more cats bring to the world: Your home cat is sterilized if it is not please do take it anymore) so it does not add to the over cat population, numbers are worrying!. Most do not find home and end up at the shelter or on the street with little chance of a long and healthy life.

• Less risk of being lost: A cat safe and happy lives inside your home is one that is not lost. Although you should always have you some sort of identification for emergencies, the reality is that if you have food, clean litter box and entertainment, your curiosity will not take you out the door.

• Take him to enjoy the outdoors: There are several ways to let them out safely. One is to take a walk with a harness. There is no doubt that look very comical, but if you can train your cat to walk with harness and leash can give a little outside without fear of getting lost and not return. You can also use your creativity and build him a Catio. What is that? For in its simplest form it is a giant cage in your backyard or closing your balcony with wire cloth. Some are more elaborate and build tunnels out of your house and take him to cages in the yard where you can play games, watch the birds and feel free while still protected.

• Keep fit: The cat that lives outside exercise more, the house cat has to be exercised to keep it in a proper weight and therefore must create you a gym with stripper poles, surfaces up and down, toys and catnip. It is also advisable to have you an area to look outside as “TV for the cat” either a large window or roof shingles around so you can look down and feel king of the house. An entertaining cat is a happy cat.

The list of benefits for your cat at home is great, but if you still want your free cat in and out of your home, there are certain points that you should keep in mind

• Keep your vaccinations: So if he fights with other cats less risk of disease.

• esterilizalo: you avoid the need to fight for your girlfriend or boyfriend constantly what keeps you healthy for years.

• Acostúmbralo to use the litter box in your house: It is the most enjoyable part of having a cat, but avoid problems with neighbors and also are aware of changes in your digestive system.

• Consider placing a pet door in your house: It is easier to spend your day by opening and closing the door whenever the Pussycat wants to enter or leave. And we know very well what they are insistent, patience is running fast. The door is an advantage, but you know you run the risk that your cat with other creatures come to your home uninvited.