Cat intelligence

When we speak of intelligence between cats and dogs usually takes Pussycat disadvantage. We always see the dog as a very intelligent animal. There is no doubt that the canine friends are excellent learning tricks. Not only that, their skills are used to assist the police, military, firefighters and blind citizens. Hooray for the puppy! Heroes are not always recognized.

What about the cat? Their attitude seems to be enjoying with little work. But like everything in the world gatuno, the truth is hidden.

Foster comes: The whole controversy is explained how they are raised. The dog grows in groups with a specific leader, following his instructions to survive, the cat after weaning live independently. Why it not come when you call him, in his eyes you are no leader. But this does not mean it is not intelligent. Pussycat displays his knowledge differently.

Humans take thousands of years helping in the evolution of the dog, taming the wolf to create a faithful companion but with the necessary features to make life easier.

gatuno the brain: Its size is smaller than the dog and much lower than ours, but this does not indicate a lack of intelligence. It is a fact that the cat brain shares similarities with the human brain. Its structure is 90% similar to yours! The organ is separately designated for specific tasks but easily convey information one area to another area. This gives the advantage to the cat quickly recognize the surrounding environment and adapt to it.

• The cerebral cortex: is responsible for storing memories, decision making and problem solving. Its 300 billion neurons give you the opportunity to remember teachings long term as learned from his mother as a child. Once you learn something, do not forget. This includes places and people. That friend who did not treat him well in your last party never reach the realm of your pussycat.

Try it: What does your cat when you hear the can opener? If you have learned that noise then the food comes, insurance is one of your favorite sounds and runs into the action.

• learn for convenience: The cat is able to learn tricks, but if you have something in return. Your beautiful smile will not be enough. Pussycat is accustomed to hunt to live and if you find that hunting is wrong in a specific place rather change places. The same happens when you teach to jump to the tablet or run through mazes. You have to know that there is something interesting down the road. Remember to be consistent is basic. Do not change the rules of the game because he simply prefer to nap.

• When the brain fails: Nothing is foolproof. The body also needs attention.

• Diet: A cat suffering from hunger or lack basic nutrients in your diet will have trouble learning and memorizing.

• Age: The senility overtakes the elderly cat. It is losing its forgetting them from who owns it to where your sandbox memory. It is common to start making their needs elsewhere in the house and spend the night meowing as lost. It is a stage where you need to fill patience. We all age. Putting on more sandboxes and try to follow your routine to literally helps calm their anxiety.

Conclusion: The battle of who’s smarter between the dog and the cat is over. Both species have demonstrated the ability to learn and remember … especially those who treat them with love.