Cat out of the kitchen

When I think of cats walking down the cooktops I always remember a fanatical friend of cats and their wise advice: “You can convince yourself that the cat is not trained because you see … when you’re jumping.”

Because the reality is that we can train the cat to do certain things, but do you respect when you’re not? The answer is not definitive. But in many cases it is a YES. Many cats give up the idea of ​​walking the encimares, but to achieve this you need to take a class in cat language.

Reasons to walk through your kitchen and possible solutions; Cat looking up: Not always the cat jumps to the cabinets looking for action, most of the time it does so because his instinct leads him to the heights. Pussycat comfortable on high surfaces, from up there admiring his kingdom. Your confidence level grows. The lion observes its territory unmolested.

• Solution: Torres and scrapers posts.

Make a game of discovery: A little catnip on the steps will be enough to pique your curiosity. To him love more, give a bite each time you get a step. For when you reach the top and you will be convinced that this is their new observation tower.

Cat wants fresh water: Like the cat you need fresh water in your system. A dirty dish water for days without changing it will not inspire. This is when he discovers the tap: fresh water flowing without the dirty plate.

• Solution: Water sources. If your cat is scrupulous and does not drink or clean dish, consider purchasing a water fountain with a fountain. Water falls as fresh waterfall. Pussycat will not be able to resist. They come in different sizes and prices.

Catlike curiosity: This is not relieved by towers or water sources. The cat jumps and walks the surfaces followed by their smell and curiosity. Remember that the cat’s nose is 14 times more powerful than ours. Perhaps you think that no traces of food in the sink, but his nose indicates otherwise.

• Common Solutions: Water bottles and duct tape; • Place double-sided tape on the edges of the encimares.. The texture and glue are not attractive to the cat. If you do not get the tape, you can use aluminum foil;. • spray bottle with water. A dash when you see the cat at the top should be sufficient to learn the lesson. No need to wash it all down as if he were in the rain. The idea is to relate the cabinet up to be wet;. • A strong NO! when: Again you try to train the cat and linking the scare of your NO! to climb to the surface. These ideas seem effective, but rather difficult to carry out. No one, however much admire your cat may be pending 24 hours a day to cry or wet when the cat tries his misdeed.

Other alternatives; • Clean the area: But with care. Verify that you use detergents do not contain poisonous ingredients for the cat as chlorine and glass cleaner among others. The cat walks across the surface and carries on its legs then licks for bathing and swallowed causing stomach problems and poisoning in the body.

• Play Cat burning energy: This is not difficult. Often the cat does shenanigans because it has too much energy to release. Exercise it and help it to burn energy. tired cat prefers to sleep in your bed.