catlike mating

If you get carried away by the millions of cats who walk the world you think there are so many because they enjoy their moment of “privacy” that their romance is one that lasts and the couple is still together the rest of their lives.

Could not be farther from the truth. The sad reality is that the catlike sex seems more an experiment romantic horror film. But as the saying “scabies does not sting like” cat and says the mission is simple: to mate and continue to multiply. And a good look at shelters or on the streets tells you clearly that the cat works tenaciously to continue his call.

the process begins: The story begins when the cat is not sterilized on time. Cats can mature as early as 4 months. Since then – if not yet sterilized – you can come into heat two to three times a year, usually between the months of January to April or June to September. The cycle lasts two weeks but is fertile only 2-4 days.

Ovulation does not occur in cats as in other species. To ovulate, you need to be encouraged or be penetrated. If you can not boyfriend, your hormone levels return to normal until the next cycle begins in about 2 or 3 weeks.

What happens during the heat? You’ll notice that your cat becomes more affectionate than ever, rubbing with any person, animal or object that is in the house, sometimes can even mark territory leaving a very unpleasant odor, at the same time the girl download your scariest meows. All this drama does to draw attention to the male cat. Its only mission now is to escape and find her boyfriend. (Note: I recommend that you keep the doors and windows tightly closed, the girl will be watching to find the smallest crack to run.)

Once the male cat found, the ritual begins. The cat is positioned for penetration with your body diagonally, head and forelegs very low, leaving the tail high while moving the hind legs as if he were walking. The male is mounted on biting her neck, we do not know whether to hold it in position or to encourage it. She screams, we do not know whether pleasure or pain of penis because the cat comes prepared with needles that penetrate stimulate ovulation. Ejaculation occurs quickly and the cat tries to move away from the cat’s nails as she usually ends up throwing him a good blow. But it does not go very far because his back insurance no pair of cats waiting their turn and to keep their territory and have another romantic encounter have to fight for it. This is when many male cats are contract diseases and suffer injuries if not treated in time can be lethal. Once your session with the cat end, they leave without saying goodbye or leave note in looking for the next cat in heat. But after all the cat does not care because he knows that all have a mission to accomplish.

So the cat is not faithful to a single cat, she is trying to get pregnant anyway and is very common to have more than one lover for jealousy. Why her kittens are different colors, each of a different father but were conceived during the same cycle. It seems novel, but it is real.

After all this information I ask you: Do you like to sterilize and give quality of life or become a grandmother? The choice is yours.