Cats colors

Cats come in a variety of colors and patterns in her hair. And as the cat has that air of importance no matter their lineage, these patterns appear in both cats and mixed race and genetics is so strong that it can distinguish up in solid colored cats.

For many, the cat officer. Which it appears in so many different places from exotic countries to napping in your garden. Its main feature is the pattern of hair that can be striped, lines or dots usually in gray or orange colors. Also it seems to have a letter “M” drawn on his forehead. There are so many of them that should be considered a race, but it is not. What we bring is an interesting story.

Patterns with history: The domestic cat we know today is a descendent of Felis Lybica, wild cat Middle East. This dark gray hair was covered with a layer of gray in different shades, creating uneven patterns insurance colors used as camouflage to attack without being seen.

How the pattern created? The answer is in each of their hairs. If you study them closely you will notice that each hair has up to 3 different colored bands. The mixture of all stripes creates.

basic pattern: Not exactly the same in all tabbies cats, but usually the pattern goes like this: Stripes on legs and tail, a solid strip running along its spine to the tail lines coming out in the corners of the eyes as well as a natural liner.

These are white cats with orange and black spots. And I speak in the feminine because this beautiful mix of colors seems to have been designed just for girls. The vast majority of calico cats are female and the male is born tricolor has a high probability of being sterile. The reason lies in genetics. The gene that determines the color orange is linked to female chromosome X. That is why any cat, whether male or female, can be orange, as in the case of orange tabbies, but females have the possibility of being orange tabby, calicos or turtles.

Good luck: Through history, calico cats are considered good luck symbols. In the United States it is known as the “money cat” in the Celtic tradition brought good fortune to households and Japan protected its sailors from storms and evil spirits. Perhaps that is why his Maneki Neko, the classic ceramic cat with its front paw raised standing in front of their business is a Japanese bobtail, breed that comes with Calicos colors.

These fall into the same category of genetic tricolors. They are mostly females. But their colors are usually a mixture asymmetric as those found in turtles black and orange or cream, black and orange with little or no white, contrary to the specific spots calico. That is why its name is derived.

They are females with attitude: turtle Cats are famous for having an attitude of strong woman, in English is called tortitude. Features tortitude includes a very vocal and not afraid to make itself felt and achieve its mission, stubborn and independent cat, but in turn loving and extremely jealous of its owner. The tricolored cats also share some of this attitude but on a smaller scale. You know, if you adopt one of these girls, you’re warned.