Christmas with your cat

Christmas is the most beautiful time of year, that “what is not” in the environment puts everyone in a good mood and any excuse to gather with family or dear friends. And not to mention the Christmas decorations! Lights, garlands and Christmas trees everywhere … is decorated to the car.

But what for us is a well-deserved holiday and return to the annual routine for your cat is a dangerous fascination. His curiosity is very intense and take you to play with those garlands of electric lights or straight to jump on the Christmas tree.

To prevent tragedies, I give here a list of suggestions to make sure your kitty enjoy the season safely and of course, you tranquility to you as owner.

The cat intrigue Christmas lights, colors and movements led him to try to bite the power cord what can cause shock and / or burns in his mouth.

* Countermeasure: Leave the lights off while you’re away from home. Also, check the cables regularly to see if they are being consumed by your cat.

So far your kitten has a tree where jump and high, full of lights and ornaments for Christmas lunch … your dream come true. Unfortunately, the dream must be tronchado, there are many dangers that live inside the decorated tree. here are some

• Water the tree: To keep the tree throughout the holiday season, use fertilizers and even aspirin in the water; both are pure poison for your cat.

* Preventive measures: Fill the base of the tree with fresh water only. If you insist on adding chemicals, you should buy a base cover for the tree.

• Embellishments: How beautiful are all are perfectly placed in the tree. But if you know the feline language, you know that Pussycat will not resist the temptation to redecorate the catlike style, quiérese say, climbing the tree and tumbándolos of place to use as a toy. Many of the ornaments are glass or aluminum are two elements that can cause tragedies and emergency trips to the vet.

* Preventive measures: Think about your cat when decorating ornaments and put cloth, wood or rubber in the bottom of the tree. So Pussycat entertains in your area and the tree survives.

This is always the recommendation given by veterinarians and experts, as well as all cat owners who, like me, have lost kittens. At this time the visits are more frequent. And in an open door, your cat decides not to party and thrown into the street. Nobody wants to lose your pet and less on Christmas.

* Preventive measures: No matter if your cat is shy or more outgoing, while you have parties or visits at home, keep it in a locked room. It is also very important to have him your identification system DIA if escaping from the house.

Your cat will sit next to the oven to wait patiently, but most delicious smell that turkey or ham, try to maintain their normal diet. In these days of much change, it helps preserve some of their routine.

Of course I can kiss under the mistletoe, but do not let him eat. Both the mistletoe (mistletoe) as poinsettias (poinsettias) are poisonous to your cat, causing vomiting and diarrhea. If you notice your cat food and flowers signs of poisoning, take it to the vet immediately.

* Preventive measures: Artificial flowers are not as cute as natural, but if your cat runs through the whole house and feel affinity for plants, is the safe solution.

At this time it is very common pets give our loved ones. There is nothing more divine than live with pets but not for everyone. To exit doubt, ask first friend or family member if you want a pet and if you have the ability to keep it. A pet brings responsibilities and monetary expenses. Make sure you have the information first. If the reaction is positive, take it to the shelter to pick your new kitten. If you prefer it surprise you visit the shelter in advance, fills the papers and pay the donation, Christmas Day, gift your family a certificate with all the necessary information so you can pick up your cat.

The beauty of this gesture is that if for some reason the person decides he can not have it, howsoever helped to shelter it so badly needs.

As all responsibility in life, Christmas with a pet involves sacrifices, but it is the perfect time to share and give love who both gives you in return. Merry Christmas!