Costs to live with your cat

As mentioned several times, keeping a cat is pretty cheap but not free. Your first step is to know for sure that you have the ability to keep and to continue your normal life. For more irresistible it is not worth having a kitten then if you can not pay the rent. So take the first step verify your income and expenses to see if caring for a cat is viable in your current economic situation. There are many who do not resist and “save” that cat from the street and after a few months it back to the corner or take it to a shelter because they are unable to keep the costs.

But if your numbers are positive and your desire to have a kitten is a force that can not help, here we divide the basic costs to keep a cat responsibly. It should be noted that costs vary depending catlike life in the area where you live, so even try the correct figures, it is always good to call and cross-check with your veterinarian or adoption center for exact costs.

Adopt or mixed race: The costs vary depending on the type of adoption you use and the type of cat you want for you. If you are one mixed and adopt from a friend that her cat had kittens, obviously not paying for adoption, but believes that the cost to vaccinate and sterilize it will be between $ 100 and $ 200. If you adopt shelter, your cat will already be vaccinated and neutered and you only pay him the shelter, which will cost between $ 50 and $ 100.

Buy a pedigreed cat is more complicated. First of all make sure the person selling is legal and not fall into the hands of someone who sells you the kitten without papers. Costs for purebred cats are usually between $ 300 to $ 1,000 but can reach thousands if the cat is competition.

annual basic expenses

1.Esterilización: As we said, depending on the form of adoption, the cost can be between $ 100 to $ 200.

2.Vacunas: $ 200 to $ 250 for vaccines in their first year. After that the cat need not be vaccinated annually, but should have an annual check-up, which will cost between $ 50 to $ 100, if the check is in a healthy cat.

3.Comida: canned or dry, $ 25 to $ 40 monthly.

4. Cash and sand: Depending on the box you choose (and approved by your cat), your costs are from $ 10 for the simple up to $ 200 for the luxury that one is clean. A base plate of sand can cost between $ 10 to $ 20 and can last up to two months.

5. tube or box scraper: Very necessary for nail care of your cat and the long life of your furniture and limbs. A simple box costs between $ 2 or $ 5. Labyrinths with multiple levels can reach $ 100.

6. Emergency vet: If it happens on a weekend or late at night, emergency costs become extremely expensive, none will come in under $ 200. But not for this you must leave your injured cat, vomiting excessively or in pain all night. Expect to pay less can cost you your life pussycat.

7. Toys: From rubber balls to stuffed catnip mice toys are necessary to entertain your cat, especially if you spend much time alone in your house. Costs between $ 2 and $ 10 for simple toys.