It is the most common fungal infection in cats. It is transmitted by inhaling Cryptococcus fungus spores growing on contaminated with bird droppings, usually the pigeon. It affects the nose, skin and neurological system.

Cryptococcosis nose Symptoms include sneezing, mucus or blood of one or both sinuses and shortness of breath. Polyps may grow in the nose. Infection if not treated can pass the brain causing meningitis, seizures and even blindness.

Cryptococcosis on the skin: swelling on the bridge of the nose, also it occurs on the face and neck.

Cryptococcosis in the neurological system: Its symptoms vary depending on the area affected but include blindness, seizures and lack of coordination.

How to avoid it? The best system of prevention is to keep your cat indoors. A cat does not hunt in the garden is less likely to spread.

Spelling: Cryptococcus (in English), Cryptococcosis (English)