Dental care for your cat

February is the month of the dental health of your pet. It’s funny because we who eat sweets, especially in this month. But whatever the case is important to remember that your cat’s teeth need attention.

This area of ​​the cat is not always the best maintained. Either because it is not easy to treat (not yet know a cat leave open the mouth quietly) or because you think that if you eat well your teeth are healthy, but it is usual to wait for the moment when your cat starts complaining about pain then take it to the vet. This will surely find the cause and help with treatment. It will give you a deep cleansing to find the problematic teeth all performed under general anesthesia. These steps are important, but if you learn to check the gums and teeth of your cat regularly can help prevent dental disease while minimizing the number of trips to the vet.

Dental problems start with your diet: As you know, the cat in its early days was a wild animal hunting its prey to survive. His teeth are designed for (this sounds horrible) and dismembering prey to eat it. It is very likely that the cleaning action like removing the dam feathers, hair and even bones then helped maintain healthy teeth.

But now the cat lives quietly eating the diet that we as owners give. This can be based entirely on canned food which is healthy because it has a lot of protein, but not so soft texture helps clean your teeth.

What’s going on? Plaque begins to accumulate on your teeth and gums back opening areas in the tooth root. These openings are easy to infection foci. Being in an area that is not visible to us the infection progresses. Untreated infection leads to at least the tooth loss. This is when we notice that the cat stops eating to be painful, comienzando to associate food with pain.

NOTE: Giving a little dry food or snacks occasionally helps prevent plaque reaches your gums.

Check the gums and teeth: This process is easier if you start when your kitten is a baby, but can be achieved with cats of any age. To start, be patient. Acostúmbralo slowly, giving game or a snack after the session.

When the cat is relaxed, he begins to caress his face like when you give affection paying more attention to the area of ​​the mouth. DO NOT attempt to open the mouth at this time. As we said, it is a process and like all gatuno process requires time and patience.

Then the cat feel comfortable and let you touch your mouth while you give affection with one hand, with the other crank up the lip to check your teeth. Depending on the cat adventure can last from 2 seconds to several minutes. Take your time.

How to know if they are healthy? To start should note that the color of your gum is pink. Very red or pale pink indicates disease. The teeth may be a little yellowish, like us is a sign of the passing of time and does not mean they are ill. Also depending on the age of the cat you may be missing some teeth. While not see abscesses, it is normal.

Feline resorptive Oral Lesions: FORL for its acronym in English are injuries to teeth are eliminated tooth enamel from the root. Although wheels are more susceptible, it can occur in any tooth. Once the tooth enamel loses, it becomes very sensitive and painful. The tooth can break areas and is common to see cats teeth chattering due to pain. This is when they stop eating because of the pain, this in turn brings another range of diseases that can become as serious as kidney shutdowns.

Treatment: Your cat will need a complete dental examination, all under anesthesia. The best solution is to remove the affected teeth.

Plate: Its scientific name is calculus and its appearance is as brown earth that accumulates around the tooth.

Gingivitis: Inflammation of the gums.

Treatment for both: Professional cleaning followed by brushing cat two to three times a month.

Bad breath: You can give all the snacks for the encouragement you want, but if your cat has rotten teeth and diseased gums, bad smell will continue until you take charge of the problem.

You can help: Between visits to the vet for dental cleaning, cepíllale teeth with a toothbrush for children accompanied by a special pet toothpaste.