Depressive Cat: Learn about homeopathic medicine

If your cat has a fever, vomiting and diarrhea your normal reaction as Pussycat owner it is go to the vet. This will take care of making the necessary to diagnose the disease and proceed with the right medicine to restore health tests.

But there are times when conventional medicine does not seem to hit the mark. situations like

• When you pick a kitten from the street and although you give the best deal in the world, the little guy is not left or fondling; • You carry 5 years with the most loving cat in the world and thus nothing changes his personality and prefers to live hidden under bed; • your multiple cats have always been great at the moment can not see not living in constant fight; • a cat or a human home is deceased and the pussycat does not come out of his depression; • you moved and cat could not get used to their new home; • your cat suddenly well educated mark territory around the house

These situations may indicate diseases such as urinary tract infection (UTI) or your cat is aging.

Before starting any treatment, consult your veterinarian. Today there are more who see alternative medicine as an ally to conventional medicine. Its end result is the same: a healthy cat.

What is homeopathy? The term homeopathy comes from the Greek language: “Homois” means similar and “pathos” meaning suffering. Based on this medicine it is “like cures like”. This means that a substance that includes certain symptoms can cure diseases that present the same symptoms. In simpler words, the disease is a manifestation of the body that something is wrong and knowing the specific symptoms are not only eliminate the disease but the symptoms can remain in the system and preventing the body rests.

What drug use? Uses tiny amounts of substances found in plants, flowers and minerals.

How does it work? Activation occurs by diluting substances in water and stirring them repeatedly. This process releases energy molecules in solution by activating its healing function. Being so powerful need not be administered in large amounts to function.

How does my cat? Like after a hard day at work, you come home and prepare chamomile tea to calm, these remedies act just for your cat.

Place two drops (remember you do not need lots of it) on your plate of food or water, in your favorite cushion, to throw it in your hand and then pass through your body (especially your head, ears and legs). Make it part of your routine catlike.

Consultation and choose the correct alternative: There is a remedy for every situation. Here are some examples

• Cat in stress; • hair loss; • Intestinal problems; • senior cat; • To travel with your cat

Be patient: These remedies do not take effect immediately. A person diagnosed as depression does not improve when taking their first drugs. Your cat needs time to achieve results.