eyed cat enjoys a normal life

The cat curiosity is accepted as an integral part of his personality. This pushes him to explore and jump to the highest branch of the tree. It also leads to an accident. A deep wound in a vital organ can cause death, but losing a limb or even an eye are just obstacles. Thanks to its power of adaptation, the pussycat can be overcome. But does quality of life?

Anecdotes one-eyed cats: When you work with animals is impossible not to be aware of stories of abuse and terror caused to our 4-legged companions. But not fault that when you feel that this world is lost, comes a story that fills your soul and you regain faith in humanity. Here I present two of them.

• Pancho found an angel: This kitten had bad friends. The typical case unsterilized stray cat who wandered the streets looking for brides and their own territory. In one of those nights of fights he ran into a stronger than the cat.

The vet suggested putting him to sleep because he would not survive. Just because he lost an eye? Lucia asked. She said no, that removieran eye surgery, she paid for the Pussycat. Thanks to the love and affection of his new owner, Pancho has become the head of the house controlling dogs and cats alike. The one-eyed cat law is based on respect, affection and many pampering.

• Cleo, the pirate neighborhood: This Pussycat was adopted in its first months of life. And as often happens, the owner did not know tell if it was male or female. As had marks that looked eyeliner around his eyes, he thought he was a girl and named Cleopatra. What a surprise when Cleo turned out to be male! But Pussycat responded by name, impossible to change.

But because his name was not meant female Cleo was weak. This cat survived multiple moves and adventures. Every time they changed house, had to be reinstalled as head of the new neighborhood. His fame was legendary. realengos and home Mininos respected. Until one day came a crow twice its size to pick a fight. The cat gave the battle and ended his enemy … but lost an eye in the process.

The one-eyed now be only served to raise their status within the colonies of cats. Cleo pirate cat had no rival. He enjoyed his reign for the rest of his nine lives.

Conclusion: These stories are real, although of course my comments overdo it. But with them the message I want to bring a cat with three legs or one eye does not have a certain death sentence: your body adapts to the new reality.

Living with a one-eyed cat: The biggest obstacle of a cat with one eye is losing its depth perception is more difficult to decipher distances. You jump to your favorite tablet will give more work because the angle has used throughout his life now not it the one, the litter box seems to be in a new place and not always manages to leave their deposits within it. All this is resolved with patience and giving it time to adapt; • Help him to adapt. You know how the Pussycat live routine, keep it as much as possible; • Change the litter box to a larger, but leave it in place. always. So you have no trouble finding it and avoid accidents. • Do not move furniture or dishes of food. The cat has a map of your home in your head and know where to walk. If you change objects, you can visit them • Leave it indoors. Avoid tragedies. Maybe your cat knows your home to perfection, but overseas territories are constantly changing.

Cariños Pirate: Your Pussycat has survived a strong battle. Extra Mímalo and give affection because he deserves it. Not only have your own pirate at home, it always responds to your pampering with a flirtatious wink