Finding the pulse in your cat

Question: How to find the pulse in your cat

Heart disease no obvious symptoms until they are already dangerously developed. The pulse in your cat is a good way to detect their health. If you know well you’ll notice the changes in time.


Taking the pulse, the pulse is determined by counting the number of beats per minute. In the cat normal amount it is between 140-240 beats per minute.

To find the human pulse in the wrist or neck is pressed. The cat is in the groin. • Your cat should be standing or lying belly teaching you; • Search the inside of your hip where the leg joins the body; • Press gently to feel the pulse

You can also find it in his ribs on the heart; • The cat should stand; • Feel the beats below your elbow

The pulse should feel strong and steady. A rapid pulse is indicative of a disease or condition as; • fever; • anemia; • infection; • dehydration • heart disease; • heat stroke

A weak pulse indicates; • heart disease; • hypothermia • circulation problems