Fix your bad habits

Although his apparent attitude indicate that prefers to live alone and does not care about your opinion towards him, the cat likes to have your attention. Positive or negative, attention is attention and the Pussycat enjoys it.

And speaking of course, the cat does not know you are doing something wrong unless you tell it. What then continues to do so knowing that is wrong? That comes into full feline attitude and that is what must correct.

First check your health: Is not using the litter box? Do you refuse to eat? ┬┐Mew at all hours? These are not always bad habits, chances are your way to let you know that something is wrong with your system. Go to the vet and answer questions is the best solution.

Be consistent: This is the key to all problems catlike. The cat lives in routine and the only way to understand your message is if we communicate constantly.

You do not want to jump to the dining table? Every time I try to frighten him with a loud noise or better yet, get a bottle with roceadora lid, fill it with water and leave it in an accessible area.

Ignore him: negative attention is still attention. If the cat learns to scraping the sofa have your attention, albeit angry, the continue looking. Even if you bust, avoid scolding. Ignore him. When you see the reaction is not the same, desist.

Best offer him an alternative. Place a scratching post beside the couch and take the same every time you try to scratch your furniture.

The force does not work: Never be violent with your cat. This results in having a cat that does not like you. The way to fix this is breaking your routine. Grita strong just when you see him doing something wrong. Use the water bottle. The break your concentration will have better results than I beat him.

TIP: Sometimes my cat becomes crazy. Your energy level is very large and decides to release her nails into my arm. One trick I’ve learned is lock him in the bathroom for a few minutes. Which works out time for children. When I open the door I NOT give honey. The cat is calm and changed his attitude.

Reward him: not only look bad. When he’s good, let him know. If you see passing through the sofa and prefers her fingernails scraping on the scratching post, reward him. Give an extra little darling, a little catnip if you like or your favorite snack reinforces the feeling that what he did was right.

A final note on correcting bad habits: Here we have presented some ideas to train your cat. But never forget that the Pussycat is a very clever animal, and learn what to do and what not to do when you are present. I can not guarantee you that when you leave the house cat does not jump to the kitchen cabinet to inspect the scraps left in the sink.