Hairballs (hairballs)

The scientific name is trichobezoar. English are known as hairballs. In Spanish they are hairballs. And they are unpleasant in any language. It seems hard to believe that your beautiful kitten is able to eliminate something so horrible for your body. What matters is that it is a natural process for the cat and in most cases does not indicate serious problems.

The cat is famous for its obsession with cleanliness. It is normal to clean several times a day. Every time licking his body, removing dead hairs will end up being swallowed up in the rush of cleaning. These hairs reach the stomach and do not always end up in the litter box. They stay in the digestive system mixed with other food particles.

All this creates discomfort in the cat which starts trying to eliminate it through vomiting. Like humans, it is a natural process. But unlike us, it happens more often. Listen to the cat trying to throw up is not a pleasant experience, let alone finding the hairball on the floor.

Although it is normal for all cats, it happens more often in very hairy kittens or elderly. Eliminating hairballs from time to time is not a sign of serious problems. However if any of these symptoms

• Constipation

• Loss of appetite

• Lack of energy

it may be that the hair has formed a blockage in your gut, if it is very serious and may need surgery. If you see your cat has these symptoms, take him to the vet immediately.

You’ll be pleased to know that there are ways to prevent hairballs continue to appear on your carpet. And the simplest way to prevent is combing your cat every day !. So you will remove most of the dead hairs from his body before he swallow when bathing.

In addition to styling, adding more fiber to your diet also helps. Check with your vet to find out what kind of food you can give to help. Other ways to add fiber to the diet are

• Mineral oil: Mixed in your canned food, helps the digestive system to function successfully. But beware, you should not give every day as oil eliminates vitamin A in your body.

• canned pumpkin or butter: A teaspoon of pumpkin or half of butter mixed with canned food 2 times a week also adds fiber your system.

• Medicines gelatinous tube form: This is prescribed by the veterinarian and are available in pet stores. You can give 2 to 3 times a week. But among its ingredients is mineral oil as you indicated, can eliminate vitamin A in the body. Its flavor is sweet and the cats love it, but consult your veterinarian before beginning treatment.

• Grass (Wheatgrass): A cats like to eat grass. It helps with digestion, stomach aches and to eliminate hairballs. If you have no yard, pet stores sell seeds or even a small potted grass ready for your cat.

If you have cats you have to learn to live with hairballs. But by following these tips will decrease the presence of them on the carpet in your home.