How to adopt a kitten

You went to the pet supply store or maybe you aventuraste to go through the nearest shelter. And there saw them. Hundreds of kittens in cages with sad eyes and wants to play with you at home. How to decide? What is the one?

In previous columns we’ve explained where to get your kitten. Here are important details of the adoption process.

If you are not considering adopting a cat breed because they need more attention and prefer to save one of the thousands who are born in the streets, your best alternative is still the refuge.

The process has changed: Today shelters policies have changed. You can not go and take 2 or 3 cats first. The shelter needs to know information about you to decide if you are eligible to take a kitten home. They have come to these measures because many take on impulse or with bad intentions and then return them to the shelter a time. To avoid trauma to the cat and shelter staff, you have to go through this process before I take the Pussycat.

Your questions: The other side of the coin touches you. You must get to the shelter with your written order not to lose concentration between both beautiful kitten questions.

• Ideally, call ahead and make an appointment. This way you know you’ll have a shelter employee present to help in the process and answer any questions you have.

• Once you get to the shelter, calls go to see the facilities. It is the best way to see with your own eyes how the kittens live. Verify that the place is clean and litter box smell (a little odor is normal, but if you so terrible that causes nausea, different). Asked if the kittens are confined to their cages all day or have a designated play area that are free certain hours a day.

• Ask if cats are examined by a veterinarian and vaccinated for deadly diseases such as feline leukemia, treated for parasites and fleas and sterilized. The new policy in shelters is to give a cat and sterilized to prevent further about cat population.

Find your new kitten. This is the most difficult process. Like any important decision, listen to your instincts.

• If you see one that catches your attention, play around with it. This interaction will help you decide if they are compatible.

• Check your skin look healthy, you do not have spaces hairless. Inspects their ears and gums, both should be clean and pink tones. Do not forget to lift its tail and examine who has the anus area clean with no trace of diarrhea.

• Your decision already made, now you get to pay the shelter. Note that this amount is not large, if you can donate something, do it. Shelters have many veterinarians and maintenance expenses. But most employees are volunteers willing to help. Help them with your contribution.

• EYE: You might not take your kitten immediately. The shelter stays with him for 24 hours. Many shelters have adopted this policy to avoid impulse adoptions. You get a little more time for you to decide if you’re ready to have it at home or not.

The vet: Although the shelter ensures that a veterinarian check the kittens in place, we recommend you to take your new pussycat your veterinarian as soon as you leave. This will make a more besides that will help with recommendations for food and care thorough check.

Congratulations on the arrival of the new member of your family!