How to change the diet of your cat

Question: How to change the diet of your cat

Living with a cat is not difficult. But this does not mean that does not have some traumatic moments. One of these is to change your diet.


Normal decisive factors to change your cat’s diet includes

• Age – Change of food for kittens to adult meal and reach 8 years to change to food for senior cat; • Weight – To keep in shape; • Health problems – As trends urinary tract infections or develop balls hair

Throw in to this list the unexpected news that his brand of cat food makes a mistake and you need to remove certain kinds of market … including your cat’s favorite!

It is important that the veterinarian whoever tells you what diet and beneficial food for your kitty.

Trauma occurs when you have to make the change. You know like the cat routine lives and this includes the kind of food. A known change to a new plan needs a consistent action.

• The change must be gradual: It is not only because it causes stress found at the moment with an unknown food for dinner, it is that your digestive system creates bacteria that aid in digestion. When you change the food, new bacteria are created disrupting their normal digestion, bringing upset stomach, diarrhea and a cat in a bad mood.

To avoid these problems, take it slowly. Spend at least a week to take him to his new diet. Every change in percentage should last 3 to 4 days for the cat used.

• Begin lowering the percentage of your current food giving 75% of its food and 25% of the new;. • After a few days, go back to change the percentage, this time to 50% of each;. • Now change 75% of the new food and 25% of the above;. • Take him to 100% new diet. By this time your cat should taste without problems.

No rush: If the cat insists on not eating or vomiting and diarrhea will cause, perhaps the process goes very fast. It takes longer to accustom your body to the new diet. Give more days before changing the percentage.

• Find similar flavors: If your cat is used to flavor food with chicken, do not start with one that knows beef. Read the ingredients to choose the one that most closely matches your previous meal. This will make you a little more pleasant change.

• Do not wait until you are hungry: “If you’re hungry you eat whatever”. It is a very popular expression. My mother left us sitting at the table thinking that as we were hungry, we would eat the liver and onions we had front. Of course after a few hours, we all prepared sandwiches and that night my dog ​​ate like a queen.

To your cat happens alike. Not because he is hungry will eat the new food. The cat has his sense of smell very developed and if that meal appetizing smells different or not, there it will stay. And you run the risk that your cat is not properly fed. One more reason to choose the new food additives included in the above.

• If dry: If the change is another dry food dry food, try mixing them on the plate. Maintaining the percentages that I gave you, take it slowly get used to the new diet without abandoning their known food overnight.

• If tin: Following percentages, placed a plate with the new food next to one food that you are deleting. Gradually you will take your cat to your normal routine to have a single dish.

NOTE: No one likes the cold dinner. Send a teaspoon of canned food cold new refrigerator will not seem appetizing and you take it to not love her from the start. Make sure it is at room temperature. Heat it in the microwave oven if it is very cold. Help him to achieve change nicely.

• If you have more than one cat with different ages: If you have a kitten and one adult know that their nutritional needs are different so they should be fed the right food for their age. To prevent adult dish eat kitten, put your dishes in different parts of the house.