How to strengthen your relationship cat-owner

Maybe it’s because at the time of the Egyptians were worshiped along with the Pharaohs. And that tradition continues. The cat today maintains that “not what” that air of king though he lives on the street. And it is this attitude that makes it difficult to understand but irresistible once.

Do not let that attitude stop your desire to adopt. The cat is affectionate and is ready to be your pet. But his way to reach your heart is different. And once he gets there, he will stay with you forever. I guarantee you that.

The ties that bind us to our pets comes from unconditional love. They want us as much as we want. And we demonstrate that love depending on their species. Many do not think of chickens as loving, but in my house had a coming when you called and left to cherish. It’s all in the way you treat them and understand that every animal species is different. The cat is no exception.

For starters, the cat is not a dog.

Dog behavior is based on a communal society, all follow the leader and need these directions to survive. The dog sees you as the pack leader. The cat lives independently and hunts alone. No you need anyone by nature. But once it adapts to life among humans, it becomes part of the family.

Adaptation is the key: One of the reasons why the cat has become the most popular pet in the world is its power to adapt. This helps you prefer to live according to the owner. If you like the cat always accompany you, the cat suits that. However if you prefer to be alone and have the cat just another independent being at home, so will. Do not ask for constant attention. It goes to your current directed. This is your way to go to know better and act according to the situation.

CariƱos when you least expect: Watch your cat in those days you do not feel well. Your cat knows when you are sick or sad and attitude change to a more loving and affectionate. Suddenly you see that will accommodate you in bed or move your head in yours. This is because the cat known body language. This is how they communicate when they live in colonies. And gradually you learn yours. That is why your Pussycat knows your mood and when you need a little more attention and affection.

Never force your cat to interact with you. When the cat feel comfortable in his new environment, he will go to you. The force him before you are ready can have negative results by changing the cat one shy and antisocial. Give your time. Let me know your way.

Play and combing are good tactics to strengthen your relationship with the cat. As the cat loves routine, is that the sessions are always at the same time. But change the toys from time to time to keep him stimulated and active. All we bored doing the same to us every day and although your cat loves routine also likes the routine has a new challenge.

Talk to your cat: Although it is possible to be known as the crazy the neighborhood, talk to your cat is very normal. Of course the cat does not understand everything you say to him (though can learn up to 20 words), but your body language and intonation you give to certain words you do understand what you mean. The best part is when you answer and make conversation. Your neighbors never understand but no matter.