Ideas to get rid of the deposit in the sandbox

In these times where we try to preserve our planet and help survive a few millennia, seeking ways to dispose of trash in a “green” it has become a very important step. Processes such as recycling and compost (to create compost organic waste) have become so common they are as normal words from our vocabulary.

The world gatuno brings a problem for the environment: waste from the litter box.

To live with our cats need to have litter boxes in the home. And they need to be cleaned daily to keep the happy cat while eliminating unpleasant odors in your home.

The steps used to clean the cabinet are almost always the same no matter where they reside; • Collect with shovel waste; • throw them in a plastic bag or newspaper; • Place all waste in the bucket or trash

But if you’re one of the millions of citizens concerned about the state of the environment, having to throw waste away and keep filling landfills already at capacity, it is a situation that goes against your principles. Is it possible to use these wastes for something beneficial? Can you dispose of them without causing more waste? There is no fixed solution but many ideas. Here are a few

It sounds excessive but you’re eliminating a step and extra trash. Place a dustbin lid near the sandbox. When collecting daily garbage and throw them into the bucket. At this fill, then it removes all in the trash. EYE: To follow this method must consider 2 points. That sand be used binder (scoopable) for easier collected and if you need to cover more the smell fills the bottom of the bucket with sawdust or shredded newspaper paper.

This idea sounds wonderful but if you will try there are certain points you should consider before starting the process. The compost created by organic deposits as vegetables and fruits is fully compatible with the earth. Use as a base for planting fruit trees and / or plant is safe. But cat waste come from a carnivorous diet so use it to grow vegetables is harmful to your health. But it can be part of fertilizer flowers and inedible plants.

To make it work you need to give it time. I speak of 1 year or more. This is necessary for the worms and bacteria that are responsible for creating clean compost waste any harmful substance. Take a deep hole (greater than 1 “tall) in your yard and bury waste. These should be tightly covered to prevent rise to the surface due to rain and odors do not rise and attract other cats in the neighborhood.

After the necessary time, mix fertilizer with normal cat to use in your flowers. For this process definitely you need time and a nice patio area to bury everything. It does not sound very viable for living in an apartment and want to do something positive with waste your cat. But it is a good idea.

This type of sand is sold as the cleanest alternative. Use it at your own risk. There are many cases of clogged toilets and damaged pipes. I imagine that is a favorite among plumbers. But not recommended.

I have several friends who have succeeded. For this you need to obviously more than one toilet in the house. This is not recommended to use the same as your cat. This idea has its advantages and disadvantages.

The biggest advantage of course is that you do not need the sandbox. In the pet supply stores and the internet you will find several kits or packages with instructions to do so. You need a lot of patience. It is interesting and hilarious! It provides hours of entertainment for owners and friends.

The disadvantage of using the toilet is, ironically, that the cat does not have a sandbox at home. The box is not only practical, it also has the function to mark territory cat. Mark territory is a vital part of the cat’s life. They need to know which area is yours and how far. Lacking those personal odors, the cat can start dialing other areas of the house creating problems that do not exist when he goes to his box.