Life unsterilized cat

Cat’s mission is simple: multiply to maintain the species. We can say without a doubt that the mission has been accomplished. Unfortunately the result has become a global problem. In the United States the number of cats arriving at shelters each year exceeds 6 million. Most are not adopted and die under the practice of euthanasia.

And the worst thing that happens is that while in the shelter, those still living on the streets continue the main mission. The circle has no end.

Throw in this situation the macho idea insists that a neutered cat thinking stops being male cat and therefore prefer not to sterilize the Pussycat for fear of losing its “personality of man.” Every time I hear someone comment that “you would have cut your bodies?”, Take a deep breath and trying not to be rude I explain to the person what he sees as an aberration actually saves the life of the cat.

If your cat is safe shelter is already sterilized. They do not allow you to adopt it without that. But if you’ve taken a street cat, responsibility up to you. If you are someone who you think is inhuman sterilize, consider how change your life if you do not.

Unsterilized cat: Once your Pussycat reaches maturity (4-5 months), your life will be dictated by hormones.

• The need to seek girlfriend will change their behavior, the affectionate kitten sleeping next to you is now a cat looking to escape from home.

• If it is not allowed to leave, urinate all your surfaces and become more aggressive. NO it does to annoy the cat is following his feline instinct to accomplish their mission, multiply.

• Perhaps you think letting go solve the problem. But this brings other consequences, none of them positive

Fight for territory: The cat is now entering territory of other Pussycats. He has to fight to conquer the territory and the cat in heat.

Cat bites: The fights are violent and dangerous. The cat’s teeth are very sharp and biting deep. Many are not seen with the naked eye, the skin is closed leaving the way open to infections. Abscesses out later and require medical attention.

Stray Cat: Your cat is accustomed to your home. At the moment it is pulled into the world of dating and then win or lose the battle is lost in an unfamiliar place. Returning home is not that simple.

Gata unsterilized: The girls also have a fabulous life. After reaching maturity, comes into heat two to three times a year. Each cycle lasts 2 weeks. You’ll notice the change immediately

• The cat becomes more affectionate the world, caressing everything in its path and leaving his trace a well unpleasant odor.

• All strokes are accompanied by the most horrible caterwauling you can imagine. This lasts ALL DAY. The girl is calling their boyfriends.

• visitors arrive unannounced. Cats hear the cat, plus you can smell its fragrance and come to your house to Love. They can not enter, but camping all around, fighting each other and leaving their own urine on walls to mark territory.

• If you do not take it anymore and let it out … you know what happens. Like it or not, you will be grandfather. Now you have four to six new kittens and mother. If not sterilized, the cycle begins again at 4 months. Your grandchildren will follow the same path and be parents before their first birthday.

* It is proved that the cat who lives in the street without being sterilized has a short life. If you arrive at 3 years is a lot. A sterilized cat living in a home can reach 20 years.

* You DO NOT sterilize because you have no money? Consultation with veterinary and your local shelter. Many offer the service at low cost and even free. We all have the same mission: to stop the cat population.

Do you think you still sterilize the cat is not a good solution;? Adopt an animal is a big responsibility. It is a contract that you make with another living being to provide food, shelter and healthy living. If you do not see it this way, maybe you should not take any. This does not make you a bad person, you’re being honest with yourself. Not everyone is ready for this responsibility.

But you adopt or not, helps rid our minds completely wrong chauvinistic ideas about our pets sterilization. Prevents die on the streets and in shelters. Spread the word.