Make your cat happy

You have a cat at home. Pussycat pet does not require much spending money to survive and why you think you provide everything you need for a pleasant life. But you are looking at a very unhappy face. That’s when you ask yourself my cat is happy? Deputy we present a list of important points to achieve a happy life between cat and owner.

Let us begin with the basics; • Health: Any change in behavior can be a symptom of some condition. A visit to the vet will get you out of doubt; • Food. Keep a regular schedule to give food helps create a routine around it. No matter if dry or canned, the point is to arrive at the same time.

• Water: This should be available at all times on your plate clean. Obviating the cleaning causes bacteria to grow on the plate passing your skin causing infections.

• Sandbox: This must be cleaned daily.

Entertainment area; • Television for the cat: I do not speak of a sitting front of the TV (although many pussycats who enjoy it), I mean that you can see outside sitting comfortably indoors. Colócale tablets or towers where it can nap while birds chirp him in the window. • Play ball has been said! Your blood Pussycat has wildcat. Stimulates the cat hunter instinct by exercising daily. Nothing better than two good play sessions a day where hunting his favorite toy. The cat feels king of the jungle and stays in shape while strengthening their relationship both cat – owner.

You can not miss the love, affection • Dale: Many people think that the cat is antisocial and does not enjoy the affection that his owner gives you. It is not true. His personality is different. The cat is not a dog, but that does not go running to you every second does not mean do not be surprised. Look at their signs, he will let you know when to touch and when to just watch the world • Happy purr. The cat purrs for many reasons. But the most recognized is when is happy. That “purrr” accompanied by a slow blink indicates that the kitten is relaxed and very happy to be with you. Enjoy; • Talk to your cat. Perhaps it is a sign of crazy cat lady syndrome, but I firmly believe in talking to the cat. You do not know what you’re saying, but the tone of voice accompanied with your body language sends a clear message. Tell your day and let snuggle with you. Purring again reassure you.

Company needs; • A new member in the family: Your job takes time and when you get home the cat will not lose sight for a moment. Perhaps it is very lonely. Pussycats adapt to more solitary lives, but there is always the exception. Yours is very sociable and need a partner. Consider adopting another cat; • Walking:. If your pocket does not allow another cat then have to spend more time with your pussycat. It is your responsibility as an owner. Train him to use the harness and take a walk around the neighborhood. The experience not only reassures also unites more and keeps it in shape.