NEVER kill the cat is the solution

I find it impossible to accept but it is the reality: not the entire human population accepts the feline population. And unfortunately, the Pussycats always lose the fight.

You know well the case. The neighbor who lives fighting because cats will ruin your garden and decide poison thinking that this solves the problem. Or complaining because cats sleep in your basement or under your car. vexatious reasons but do not have to reach the end.

NOTE: Poisoning animals is not only cruel, it is ILLEGAL. If you know of someone who is removing animals you must report it to the authorities.

Removing the colonies of cats in your neighborhood: Before talking about removing you should understand why arrive on the scene. Cats can be annoying, it is true. But for every problem there is a solution.

• Territory: The first thing to learn is that the cat is territorial and like to live in places where you feel safe and have access to food.

• The shelter resolved: The old idea that the shelter collects cats to take them to the shelter and killing them does not solve your problem. If the area is still tempting, a new colony of pussycats will take over the place. Many die, but thousands more are still being born. It is a string that does not end.

Although it is true that politics is changing in shelters preferring sterilization and seek to kill them home, the sad reality is that most die. The euthanasia / dispose of the body process costs money. The shelter prefers to invest in sterilization and go solving the problem.

• They fill the nights with noise and fights: They do not to keep you awake. Stray cats are not sterilized with a single purpose in life: to mate and multiply. The fights are to conquer territory and the “bride”. The bride cries for his part in the act acceptance then scratching the poor male and gratitude.

This is solved by sterilizing the colony. neutered cats lose that desire to multiply and territorial prefer to live in coexistence.

• They eat what they find around the house: If you leave the trash discovered you are inviting the whole animal population to eat. Cover trash.

If you remove the food from your area, the cat will not see your property as a nice place to live.

• They use your garden as a litter box: We know that the cat likes to bury their waste and find a piece of soft ground solves your problem easily.

• Give your bathroom smell bad: Riega orange and lemon peels around your whole garden. The smell of citrus do not like the Pussycat. You can also try coffee with sand, vinegar and even lavender oil. fabulous smell to your nose but not for the cat.

• Cover the Earth: Place stones in the open areas of the garden cat making it impossible to move the earth to bury rust.

• The cat upset cat outside in my house: It is not always easy to diagnose. The moment you notice that your cat starts to run away from windows or, even worse, marking with urine areas near exits. The problem may be a doctor, but can also be territorial.

Examines the surroundings. Perhaps some cat realengo or neighbor is prowling the territory of your kitten and is their way of defending themselves.

If the cat in question has an owner, talk to him and explain the situation. The cat should live at home and not disturbing the neighborhood.

But if the cat is realengo or the owner does not pay attention to your problem, take action. This is when many decide to “go out” cat. But the solution must not be drastic to give positive results.

There are water hoses and lamps with motion sensors, placed in specific locations, is instantly activated the cat walked on your territory. Trust me that after two cold showers or speakers in your ear the cat understood that it is not welcome and leave the land to its original owner.

CONCLUSION: There is reasonable to leave an annoying cat without reaching the cruelest anyway. Please, think before you act.