Oldie care for cat (senior)

Time passes and we change. We feel, so feel your cat. If you have been a healthy Pussycat, the years have passed and you have not noticed. Suddenly you look up one morning and realize that you have lost much weight or your hair is not as shiny as before. Both are normal signs of aging.

Your cat is older does not mean you do not enjoy your life. On the contrary, now with years of experience he knows what he likes, knows you better and enjoy your company more than before. Surely it is more quiet and affectionate, asleep in your lap more often and not eat plants.

When it considered in years or senior? A cat of 10 years is equivalent to 56 human years. At that age he is already entering its golden age. A well cared for cat can live up to 20 years.

However, from now on you should be more attentive to your changes than before. A sudden change in weight may indicate the beginning of diabetes or hyperthyroidism as a change in attitude, say sweet cat to cat soured may indicate you are suffering from arthritis pain.

In these years their annual checkups are very important. Do not let them pass. Your vet should be aware of changes in your cat to avoid surprises or diseases that are already well advanced to cure. The veterinarian is your ally to keep your cat healthy for many years.

Help him to live more comfortable and happy: To help your cat to enjoy their new stage of life, keep in mind these tips

• If your cat does not bathe as before: it can be because you are overweight or suffering from artritits and finds it difficult to completely clean. And we know how important it is nice to see your cat, so besides giving the right amount of food, I comb through more often to avoid knots and restore the shine to your hair.

• If you sleep too: It’s hard to tell if you sleep more because it is his favorite pastime most of the day. But if you prefer to sleep notes to eat or pursue his favorite toy, you may indicate that not feeling well and is sick.

• If not using the litter box: Sometimes to become oldies lose a little notion of where they are (as happens to our grandparents), but stop using the litter box is a sign that something is wrong as infection urinary tract. If this is happening you should go to the vet immediately.

• you Want company? Many people think that being so quiet is because it is boring and needs company. Bringing a new kitten to your home over the years can cause problems. If your cat has always lived alone, a new cat divide your attention, a situation that your cat is not used. By not paying the necessary attention, will begin to let you feel that you are not comfortable and you will prove defecating outside the box even if it is healthy and change your temperament to one upset and embittered all the time, preferring to be alone sleeping in a corner instead of curled up with you. If you have lived with other cats and is now the company can only be positive. But remember that these are the years of relaxation and stress-free living. They have been won. Enjoy them with him.