oldie common cat disease (senior)

As your cat gets older it is normal for your body and your attitude gradually changed. Like us, you need a little more care. Your cat can not tell you how you feel, why should observe more closely and notice if the changes are very abrupt and take avoiding action they become a serious problem. Prevention is the key to give you a long and healthy life. The connection between your vet and you now begins its critical stage.

Here we name some of the most common situations

You’ll notice that your cat’s eyes look like covered by a little cloud in the area of ​​the pupil. It is called lenticular sclerosis and although it seems annoying, it is normal for his age and does not limit your vision. But it can be confused with

• Cataracts: These are white and opaque little clouds covering the eye but limited vision. They can after an eye injury or a degenerative condition arise because of age. To remove it needs surgery. Consult your veterinarian.

If you notice that your cat does not respond to sounds that usually do jump (like the sound of the can opener or food container), perhaps he is losing his hearing. To test it, make some noise behind his head, his ears which should at least move in the direction of satellite sound. If you do not move anything, you may be running deaf. But to know for sure, take him to the vet. You may have a lot of accumulated wax or infection due to mites. Both situations can be treated.

If instead it is true that your cat does not listen, the most important step is to leave it inside the house. Surely the whole neighborhood known but now can not hear the car coming. For your safety and your peace of mind, leave it at home.

Going losing the sense of smell begins to stop eating because nothing fancy. To help in this situation, caliéntale food a little to draw their odors and stimulates the sense that is failing.

Not only us suffer. Your cat also suffers from pains in the joints especially if you are overweight. If you notice that your cat has difficulty walking, do not jump to your favorite places or complains to move, you may be suffering from arthritis.

To prevent or help combat there are medications that your vet may prescribe. But you can also help at home

• Maintaining proper weight to not fall as much weight on their joints.

• Look for him calientitos sleeping places. Like us, nothing better than the heat to relax your tired body.

• Play with it so that you exercise: not only lose weight, your joints do not become stiff

It is the loss of control over the amount of sugar in the blood and develops mostly in obese and older cats. A diabetic cat has a high concentration of sugar in their blood and urine. There are two types of diabetes: insulin dependent, the pancreas can not produce enough insulin to regulate the level of blood sugar, and the second occurs when the body reacts negatively to the insulin produced by the pancreas form. Both diseases are delicate and need medical attention.

How to tell if your cat is diabetic? He will present some of the following symptoms

• Weightloss

• Take extra water but always looks dehydrated

• urine more often. Urine can be seen as tacky by the amount of sugar.

• Your hair loses shine

• Weakness

If your cat has one or more of these, it’s time to go to the vet. Dont wait. Once diagnosed can be controlled with diet and / or insulin.

If your cat oldie moment begins to consume more food than normal but still losing weight or suddenly acts which energetic kitten running and jumping instead of sleeping, your cat may be suffering from hyperthyroidism.

What is it? It occurs when the thyroid gland expands and starts producing excess hormones, metabolism cat up to the point where you lose up to a third of its weight. If not treated it will have kidney problems, heart and liver leading him to death. NO are temporary symptoms, you should go to the vet.

Which is the treatment? Your veterinarian will tell you about the three treatment options available

• The first is a pill that you administer to your cat for life. Anyone who has gone through having to give medicine to the cat knows it’s not easy, and less for life. But if you have the patience, it is worth.

• The second option is preferred: radioactive iodine therapy (radioactive iodine therapy), this is done in one day and cure 90 to 95% of cases without having to incur more treatments. The only detail is to be done in a clinic prepared for this and after treatment ended cat should stay in place for one to three weeks depending on how long you need the radioactive material out of your system

• As a last option it is surgery where the gland is removed. The downside is that surgery is delicate and more cat may have other risks.

Liver condition seen mostly in obese cats. Still no cause is known but develops when the cat stops eating due to illness, stress or pre-existing condition of the liver. To stop eating the body tries to process fat into protein as food. The liver can not process this amount of fat, it begins to accumulate in their cells. If not treated the cat will die.


• Your cat turns yellow (if your cat is black, you’ll notice in your eyes and nose, if you lift the hair also see its yellow skin)

• Loss of appetite

• Lose weight quickly

• You can suffer from vomiting and / or diarrhea

But there is good news, diagnosed in time can save the cat. The veterinarian will tell you the necessary treatment. You need to stay hydrated and force him to eat. To stimulate appetite majada you can feed it with food and use a needleless syringe to penetrating its food in his mouth. Remember to go slowly so as not to drown.