Persian cat

A native of the mountains of what is now known as Iran, the Persian cat came to Europe and beyond to the sixteenth century love its inhabitants. The spell has continued across the planet. His long, silky hair with his calm temperament have become the most popular breed of cat in the world. Its elegance accentuates any room and transforms it into a worthy of royalty.

Race for competition or common. The Persian are divided into two main categories; Persian cat competition; • Known as Peke Face, associated with the dog Pekinese breed name also has the flat face; • flattened nose placed within walking distance from your eyes; • Long hair, silky and abundant; • Round head; • small ears; • compact body endured by short legs

Common Persian cat; • Also known as Doll Face or “Dollface; • compact body and short legs; • long, silky and abundant hair; • Contrary to the Persian competition, his nose is elongated and is positioned in the middle of his face ; • Its appearance is more friendly than the competition Persian

Both types come in wide variety of colors.

Living with a Persian cat: Like being in royalty; • The Persian cat enjoys quiet environments but must be exercised to maintain your ideal weight. Because their legs are very short, activities like running and jumping are not easy for the pussycat, but does not mean that why you should not even be forcing him to walk;. • His character is quiet, affectionate and very loyal to its owner. ; • he loves to be pampered and petted;. • do not like meowing and when it does it in a low voice. • Make friends with new people is not immediate. It takes time to trust a new family member. Once known not take to give love.

Persian Cat Care: Your health is usually excellent, but needs special care because of their physical characteristics.

• Her long hair needs to be brushed daily to prevent knots and maintain its shine;. • The Persian cat prefers to live in cool or cold climates. Not only for its abundant coat but his flattened nose that prevents him from controlling his temperature and cats with more elongated nose. If you live in a warm climate, you should keep it in a room with continuous ventilation. • Your eyes tend to tear and should be cleaned often to prevent infectious secretions develop;. • Kidney disease seem to be very common in the breed .

Getting a Persian cat: NO trust you anyone who tells you to be an authorized dealer. Being such a popular breed, many people try to take advantage and sell a cat that is not pure and may be sick. Research well before giving money Pussycat and requires veterinary health certificate.