Protects the stray cat from the cold

Winter comes. With such low temperatures the best for your cat is to stay indoors wrapped in his favorite frisa near the heating. The stray cat does not have those amenities and overwinters trying to keep the temperature level while seeking food and shelter. Many die during the period, the cold wins the battle. It does not have to be like that. We can help them survive.

Why help realengos? It is our obligation, but as thinking beings know how terrible it is to be cold and hungry. The realengo cat who walks by your house every day or the colony of cats living in the corner are part of your life. And you know. You might even have them names. And when there is such a connection, you can not allow them to suffer.

Shelter from the cold

Many would like to bring them all home operator to prevent outside. But we know that the situation in most cases is impossible.

You do not have to be a graduate architect to design the area. Use materials you have in your home as

• Trash cans

• Cardboard boxes

• Trash bags

• Plastic containers for water and food

• Straw (straw)

Important Facts for shelter

• Must be private: the cat does not like to feel exposed, especially at lunchtime.

• The installation must be raised off the ground to keep it dry.

The shelter varies if we talk about a single cat or a colony.

If the stray cat already knows your home

• Place a cardboard box, trash can or plastic container soil high in some private place around your home, whether the garage, a corner of the balcony or patio.

• Inside the container placed straw for use as heating. Rugs or blankets seem to keep warm, but the reality is that capture moisture cooling the temperature of the box.

• IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use an area of ​​the garage, clean any residue of antifreeze (anti-freeze) soil. The smell of this liquid is tempting for both dogs and cats, but ingesting toxic.

• Make sure the Pussycat have easy access to the place.

• Do not force to enter. Let discover the site itself. If it appears to be cozy and safe, the Pussycat will take advantage.

• You may feel safe after at home want to come in and be part of the family. Adopt a stray cat is a charity that brings joy and companionship for years, consider it.

Whether to protect a colony of cats: The principles are the same, only on a larger scale.

• The colony has its firm place from now, move them to your garage is not an alternative.

• As the lone cat, using boxes or plastic containers placed high ground inches.

• Bigger is not better: We think that if there are many cats, a larger container provides more comfort. But the world does not work like catlike. The body creates heat and the more bodies live in the same place, the hotter it stays. A very large area scattered container temperature by one so cold outside.

• All are friends: The cat is intelligent, that no doubt. During the rest of the year it is “each in his corner,” but when it’s cold, all huddle together to keep warm.

Details of food and water for both one or more cats

• If you know about “trap / spay / return”, you know that the need for routine gatuna not removed when the colony lives on the street. By this I mean they expect their food and water change at the same time every day. A great responsibility.

So if you think caring for the colony, taking into account these details before starting. Cats will not understand why the man that fed them stopped coming. It is important to have more responsible people in charge of the mission if someone has to be away. Although they do not live with you, and feel part of the family and waiting for you.

• Place the plates of food and water on elevated surfaces of the floor and away from wind currents. Prevents freeze quickly.

• If you are feeding canned food: Opens cans and heats the food before taking it. The cat likes food to warm temperature, not frozen.

• Always have dry food available. But also it suffers from the temperature change, hunger can.

• Frozen water: Heats water before taking it. If frozen it is good for the Pussycats. And they can survive without food for a few days, but only resist one day without water.

• Be consistent. And thanks for taking care of the Pussycats. We need more people like you.