Reasons why the cat should not go outside

The existence of the cat is riddled with myths that have declared false education, such as; • male cat is not neutered; • black cat brings bad luck; • fish is good for your health

Today I dedicate one more time; • The cat should have access to the outside.

This point always comes up when we talk about sharing the house with the cat. The controversy is so ingrained in our minds that the decision may affect up the possibility of adopting a kitten. Shelters have included in their interviews the question of whether the adopted cat live exclusively indoors, most prefer not afford to adopt the kitten if you you indicate that it will live inside and outside your home.

Why so careful? The cat will live with you and you’ll take good care. Just you want to enjoy the outside because you think the cat needs to have a full and happy life. And that is the detail. Your cat does not need to be outside to be happy. We continue to destroy myths.

There is no doubt that the cat enjoys lying on the patio and sunbathing while analyzing his life outdoors. But it does because you allow it, not because you need them. The reality is that leave it out during the day brings other problems like; • fights with other cats in the neighborhood, bringing as biting consequences and infections. • You can eat poisonous plants in the garden; • Exposure to the sun for hours can cause to cancer of the skin

Solution: Place Scrapers posts and slats where the cat can climb and observe the outside world.

Yes, the cat is carnivorous and to get their food had to hunt. But the domesticated cat does not need to hunt to live, have food available at all times. So when he leaves the yard, hunting for pure entertainment. And this is not appreciated by everyone. The neighbor who rears birds insurance will not look favorably upon the cat jump to hunt their pets. You know it’s your instinct and not doing it for evil, but not everyone sees it that way.

Solution: Teach it to hunt indoors. Stuffed catnip toys hidden in strategic locations, moors birds feathers or fabric tape or rope. Hazle interesting hunt. Win twice, the cat exercise and not have to deal with dead animals on your doorstep.

This excuse is very popular. The kitten walks around your yard while you pick the plants. The cat is sterilized so will not chase other cats. But you do not have the famous cat-like curiosity. Everything that moves is interesting and it is necessary to pursue him to explore. It is impossible to be constantly watching him. In the blink of an eye the cat has left his secure uncharted territory full of danger area. Cars going down the street, other cats who do not know, neighbors who are cat lovers … Anyway the list is long.

A stray cat is a daunting and sad situation. And identification microchip having him search assistance. But the problem is compounded when the Pussycat activates its survival instinct to not recognize the area where it is located.

Solution: You still need more evidence to convince you? The cat is safer and live a longer life if kept indoors.

NOTE: I understand that my advice may sound exaggerated and a bit chaotic, but not write about them if he had not lived in the flesh. Avoid trauma.