right food for your cat

We as humans need certain nutrients in order to enjoy a healthy life. Your cat is the same. The difference is in the foods you need to have that healthy life. The basis of their diet is meat. The cat is a pure carnivore so you need to ingest large amounts of protein and taurine acid in your daily diet, read elements found in meat. How much protein? About 26% of your daily diet.

Remember that the cat until recently was a wild animal and ate it hunted daily. There was no food can be opened so that the mouse and the bird became lunch and dinner. But not because now is in your house do not change their needs. The difference is now not have to go work for food.

But a trip to the supermarket or pet store will raise your stress level to meet the enormous number of classes of cat food available.

What should have a balanced meal? Cat food must have specific nutrients to provide complete nutrition. Your veterinarian can help you choose the ideal type of food, but we give you some tips to learn before you go shopping. Some important data are

• Small kittens need more protein and fat during development than adult cats. If you have a kitten, food should say something like: “. Complete balanced diet and especially for cats of any age” “complete balanced diet and special kitten” or Although you can buy specific food for kittens, the reality is that any age contains the necessary nutrients and maybe even have too many calories for an adult cat, your kitten needs them.

• However, if your cat is an adult, the label should mention “Complete Nutrition for the welfare of your adult cat” or “complete balanced diet and especially for cats of any age.” Unlike the case of the kitten, the ideal food for any age has a lot of calories so you should be very aware of the amounts that you give your adult cat to avoid being overweight. Both the can and the bag of dry food includes a table with the required amounts depending on the age and weight of your cat.

• If your cat has a medical condition that is more oldie or require a specific diet, consult your veterinarian and make sure the food you manage will be one that will assist to improve their situation.

• Read data table food: Meat is the most important ingredient in your diet. Check how much meat is in the product portfolio. Meat or meat derivatives should appear as first or near these ingredients on the table. Also read what the daily percentage of protein, fat and fiber. For an adult cat a minimum of 26% protein and 9% fat is indicated; if it is for kittens or pregnant or lactating cats, the percentage should be not less than 30% protein.

Cat food is divided into these two alternatives. Both provide the nutrients needed for good diet for your cat. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

• Dry food – This contains more calories and is more economical. It also helps keep your teeth free of tartar.

• Food tin – For its rich scent is the favorite of any cat. It has fewer calories than dry because it contains 70% water which helps in situations such as urinary tract infections.

You can not decide? A solution for many cat owners is to mix both classes. They give a can of daily food but also keep a plate with dry food. Eye with this – not all cats eat the same way and overeating leads to overweight. If you’re going to give a can of food daily, limits the amount of dry food ration half. Again, consult your veterinarian before offering the buffet the Pussycat.

The easiest way is always to have him dry food on your plate for the cat to eat several times a day when you feel hungry. It sounds wonderful and easy but as we mentioned, not all cats are the same and if they like to have food to eat this all day ends in a cat overweight with serious health consequences.

The second solution is to give food at specific times. The cat loves routine, believe me you will know when the time draws near their food. Give either the dry food in the morning and at night or can only their ration of dry food 1 time a day helps keep weight down.

Cat ideal weight depends on your stage of life and race. Overall a healthy adult cat weighs between 8 and 10 pounds.

If you want to know if your cat is on your weight, you can weigh it. But if you do not have a scale at home, you can also check to see their ribs. If they are very prominent, your cat is underweight; if you can not see or touch, your cat is overweight. The ribs should be covered with a layer of fat, but sit on your hands when touched.

• The cat food is a favorite dog – If you have cats and dogs will have already gone through the situation. The dog fascinates cat food. It has a scent that calls them and leads to temptation. But even if they seem equal, cat food is high in calories and proteins that are not beneficial to the diet of your dog. Likewise, the dog food is not healthy for your cat because it lacks the necessary amount of fat for your cat to function healthily. It would be ideal for your pocket to eat the same, but unfortunately nature made them different.

NOTE: One way to prevent your dog cat food to eat up is to place the food dish at a higher and more inaccessible to the dog place. It will not be very happy with you, but you’re doing a favor for your health.

• Fresh water is more important than food – your cat consumes large amounts of water daily. If you only eat dry food, it takes twice as much water in relation to the amount of food. Canned food is 70% water, so if your cat eats only can, take less water. But not for this you must let dry, keep your water dish always full.

• Your cat can go for days without food. It reaches lose up to 40% of their body mass keeping active all his vital organs. But it can not survive without water.