Sharpen your cat

Playing with your cat is a fun hobby, but it is also necessary and should be part of your daily routine. If your kitten is young, playing helps release energy that surely has more. It is important at this stage teach him to play with toys listed, read NOT play with your hands. The faster you teach your body is not toy better the relationship between the two (and save your hands from many scratches).

However if your cat is adult or older, playing not only helps you feel young, it also helps to have a healthy weight. Many times to reach adult stage the cat becomes quiet and stops moving. If you’re not incline to your diet, maybe a cat becomes overweight bringing diseases like diabetes or arthritis.

Playing stimulates your cat hunter instinct. Remember that before being domesticated, wild cat lived and hunted to eat. That leads him inside. Do not let him win easily, Pussycat enjoy the process of hunting. Of course, in the end you must leave capture prey or will not understand the game.

Do not put all toys cat in sight, keep them in hidden places. If you see very often lose their curiosity to them and you will be in the task of finding new entertainments.

Enjoy this time with your kitten. Your relationship will become stronger and learn to know mejor.Aquí a list of some toys to have fun with your cat

Catnip, the herb that drives them crazy is within a range of toys from rubber or stuffed mice to scraper boxes. Not everyone cause the same furor, but the smell is curious enough to play for a while. If you prefer the natural enjoyment, you can buy fresh and sprinkle a little on your favorite area gambol.

These come with or without catnip, also with or without bell inside. Depending on your tolerance for noise, choose the one that best suits your lifestyle. The trick is to teach the little mouse from one corner or corner and let your cat try to catch him. To make the game more interesting, “walks” the little mouse around the house and leave at different sites. Your cat will enjoy having to hunt their prey and after a good race, achieve its mission. Remember that you should always leave catch prey and give lots of cuddling or a snack (treat) as a reward at the end of the feat.

Also known as cat dancers these are designed to make your cat jump or chase the fish on the floor. They are an excellent toy to exercise it. Insurance will eliminate much pounds as accumulated energy. As with mice, make sure you enjoy hunting, but ultimately reaches its prey.

These cost nothing, but bring lots of fun. For some reason the cat can not resist a cardboard box or a paper bag on the floor: his instinct leads him to leap into it and play. If the box has more than one open side, I seal it with tape creating a “mysterious cave.” For entertainment last longer, toys placed within the box or bag.

Excellent to lose weight because it has to run and jump to catch it. Some, like mice come with bells or catnip inside. If your cat curiosity causes the rattle is fun to watch is out (and often does). But if you prefer it for exercise, gum balls are more successful. Its texture is easy to grip with her nails and if the bite does not hurt your teeth. NOTE: Teach your cat to catch the ball is fun but can be addictive for the Pussycat. I say this from experience, once you learn will not want to stop playing. I recommend patience and several people trained to exchange players.

Not much exercise, but mentally. If your cat is one of thousands who spend the day just because its owner works out, it’s good to have you a window to the outside. I speak not to let it out, but have you any surface near a window, or a very high shelf in the house so the cat can observe their territory and everything that moves in it. Keep your active hunter instinct while being entertained as you get home.

Here we include basic that although they are fun for the cat, not necessarily what are for you such as paper towels and toilet paper (love unroll and walk around the house). Also those who help clean as mop and broom. If your cat enjoys chasing one of these, I exercise it as clean, make your broom his new prey and move around the house until it is captured.

These help keep your nails trimmed and less sharp. They can also become complicated trees to climb and exercise your cat. Throw in toys suspended by cords as pens or fabric birdies to make it more interesting.