Shorthairs: English and American

The cat has accompanied humans for over 12,000 years. He moved from country to country knowing customs and into the lives of its inhabitants. Thus he arrived in Rome where the Romans fell madly in love making them indispensable in their daily lives. His ability to keep the food free of rats earned him a place in the shipment of the Roman Empire used to invade territories. It was thus came to England.

The Romans would eventually left. The cat stayed and adapted to his new life. Thus he was born the British or English shorthair shorthaired cat. Centuries later when the British crossed the Atlantic Ocean in search of new opportunities in their boats they took the cat to again keep the boat clear of rodents. So the cat came to America. But instead of adapting to London life, he had to wake the wild cat inside and conquer the virgin and inhospitable environment.

Similar; • If you are used to from kittens, both are excellent for families with children and other pets;. • They do not need much care for their beauty. A good brushing a week is enough to keep the hair in good condition;. • Both races are healthy but with a tendency to heart ailments. Before buying requires the breeder will include ensuring cat health;. • They are very loving and loyal, but enjoy their freedom. Therefore prefer to love sitting next to you, not lying in your lap. • Intelligent and easy to educate.

English short-haired cat; • Like any good English personality is dignified and calm … most of the time. As every cat has its moments where you need to release energy and draw attention as well as the famous Cheshire Cat “Alice in Wonderland”;. • The female is reserved. The male is more playful. Both are affectionate;. • Although not as large as the Maine Coon, the English shorthair cat falls into the category of large cats. The round shape seems to be the common denominator in their physical design Face Shape: Round; Eye Shape: Round; Body Shape: stocky, Rabo: short with rounded tip; • thick and abundant hair. It comes in a variety of short and long hair; • Eye Color: usually yellow; • The variety of colors is wide. But the most desired is the “blue” call or bluish gray.

American shorthair cat; • His personality is friendly and cheerful. But quiet enough to be mascot for children and the elderly alike;. • medium sized cat. Weight ranges from 8 to 15 pounds. The female is usually smaller than the male;. • Your choice of most desired color is brindle and black striped gray or brown background with orange striped background.

This is not the typical domesticated cat, is very easy to confuse the American shorthair cat with the classic domesticated cat we found everywhere (perhaps even at home). Their physical characteristics are similar because the domesticated cat comes shorthaired cat. The basic difference is that domesticated cats mixed with different races, while American shorthair is kept under supervision at the time of mating.

• Colours decide: The data that indicates whether the litter of kittens that you have at home or race are not defined by the colors. If babies are all different colors, they are not of race. Cat litter race are all the same design and color.