Siamese cat

The cat is an animal surrounded by mystery. His intense look gives the impression that you know something about you do not plan to reveal. And when we talk about spectacular looks we have to talk about the Siamese cat.

Physical captivates: There are many reasons why this race is one of the most desirable in the world.

• Its main feature is the “mask” of darker hair marking her face creating a dramatic and beautiful effect;. • The hair is short and contains a mutant enzyme that causes pigmentation changes produce variations in tones, creating the body cream . with face, ears and darker tail; • Comes in variety of colors: cream and black, cream and brown, cream and blue gray, cream and violet tone pale (a variation of brown); • Your hair becomes darker with the years. • From captivating blue eyes, which sometimes can be crossed;. • lean, lithe body. A healthy Siamese cat weighs 5 to 7 pounds.

But besides an enviable physical, the Siamese is friendly, loving and very intelligent personality.

• When Siamese loves talking: We know that cats communicate with us through his “meow”. But the Siamese takes it to another level. This cat is so eager to tell you that sometimes seems a little boy chasing around the house telling about your day. His meows are long, loud and confused with cries of newborns. If you are looking for a cat who enjoy silence, this is not the one.

• Do not like to be alone: ​​Siamese cat goes against all those books that speak of feline sense of independence and taste for solitude. This kitty loves to be with people. Encariña usually more with a particular person, but his tireless desire for attention makes it perfect for families with children cat.

• Needs Action: This cat breaks the stereotype of the sleepy cat. Siamese needs exercise. It has a lot of energy and is very intelligent. It is able to learn tricks and is always ready for the game.

You’d think that a cat that lives so intensely does not last long but you are wrong. Siamese can live up to 14 years as long as he stays healthy. The most common diseases for this breed are the kidney, especially chronic renal failure.