Signs that your cat is sick

Your cat is a trained actor. It does not come when you call (although he dies by saludarte), does not play when you want and not have pain tells you when you are suffering. But often you strip signals to tell you not feeling well. Some more subtle than others, but as an owner you know him so well that you can decipher. Here I present some

The cat makes its needs out of the box has a problem. Deciphering whether medical or behavioral needs further investigation. If no change in their environment as the arrival of a new member to the family, change of sand, move, or trauma box near the cash, the problem should be taken to the vet. Pussycat may be suffering from a urinary tract infection, diabetes and even early kidney problems.

Changes in your breath indicate changes in your health. Symptoms can include anything from an abscess in his mouth, kidney problems and even tumors in your body. Your gums should be pink. Any other color is a symptom of disease.

If detracts attention to their physical appearance, something is not right. Pussycat is a slave to her hair, giving her hours to keep it clean and with its special smell. Dull hair, knotted, or thrown in excess are enough symptoms to take it to your doctor.

Scratching obsessively to irritate your skin or leave areas without hair it can be caused by fleas, allergies or stress. Failure to take action could complicate the situation. Consultation with the veterinarian.

We do not speak of being agitated after a good workout. If the Pussycat sneezes frequently and if this is accompanied by secretions in your nose is time to seek medical attention. The cat may be cold.

None is positive. An increase in food intake and / or water are symptoms of serious problems such as diabetes or hyperthyroidism.

Instead to eat less food and not drink as much water may mean that the Pussycat is suffering from an infection in his mouth. A dehydrated cat can die in two days. Do not take this game. Take him to the doctor.

If your cat is quiet and suddenly mew 24 hours a day you are screaming your symptoms. You may have suffered some trauma and be afraid or simply do not listen well. It also indicates early senility.

This is difficult to diagnose because the cat sleeps so much during the day. But you know well and if you find that your sleep habits have changed is indicative of a change in your system.

No matter the color are indicated infection and should be treated.

It is not pleasant but important. We must be aware of changes in color, shape and frequency. Any change in this area is a symptom of urinary tract diseases and even diabetes.

Nobody knows him like you. If you notice that your cat’s behavior is not the usual, make a list of changes and consultation with the veterinarian.