Sleep and your cat

Your cat sleeps 12 to 16 hours a day. And although we think they do it to maintain its beauty the reality is that their sleep patterns come from his ancestor the wild cat.

Depending on your age cat and this number may be higher. Kitten baby is not born with fully developed muscles and bones and sleeping up to 20 hours a day to help the small strengthened. The long hours sleeping also help the mother cat twice, providing time to get food and make milk for their children and “nanny” preventing kittens perfect escape from your area and fall into danger.

Like the baby kitten, senior cat can also sleep up to 20 hours a day. This rather as sleep.

Dormilona Diet: The cat sleeps to rest your body and conserve energy. The latter is an important element of hunter behavior. In the days when the cat lived wild and needed to hunt to survive, the hours of sunrise and sunset were the most beneficial for food, leaving the rest of the day to rest between meals.

How could I sleep so much? Contrary to herbivorous animals that need many hours to eat and satisfy their hunger, the cat is carnivorous diet high in protein and so does not require long hours consuming food to keep your body in top condition.

But today apart from the stray cats that still need to hunt or forage for food to stay alive, keeps the domesticated cat wildcat routine rather as tradition. Your Pussycat does not need to conserve energy to hunt and it tastes great having your safe food without having to move a leg.

Sleep patterns: Not because you see it with your eyes closed it means you are asleep. Their sleep patterns are very similar to ours, a light nap can sleep as deeply rest.

• light sleep: This is characterized in that although the cat has her eyes closed and looks calm his instincts remain alert waking up feeling minimal noise.

• Deep sleep: This occurs after about 30 minutes of light sleep uninterrupted. Although his body relaxed note, it is normal to note that happens to have rapid eye movements, in addition to moving its legs, mouth, ears and even his whiskers indicating that the cat is in its deepest sleep. Some experts say is dreaming. Perhaps it goes behind the imaginary mouse.

But do not think that deep dreams can not wake easily. As finally predator animals always keeps some of your alert instinct and has as a weapon his “third eyelid” or nictitating membrane. Feeling any shade or move around, opens his third eyelid and research. If no problem, go back to sleep. If it is an emergency will jump quickly taking action.

If your cat does not sleep: This problem happens often. You get tired of working and not think about anything but curl up in your bed to rest. But your cat has other plans. He wants to play with you.

Your cat is nocturnal? Not necessarily. Your cat does not live with the stress of hunting for a living. The most likely spend their day sleeping while you’re out working. Cat / owner schedules are reversed. To help in this situation invests in cat toys in order to be exercised and entertained during the day so that you feel tired at night. Also create you an area where you can observe the outside world as a tablet near a window will remain active curiosity avoiding to take another nap.