Spay or neuter your cat

If your cat comes into your life via animal shelter, the decision was already taken. If instead you adopt street or a friend, the responsibility is yours: sterilize the cat.

If you have never experienced living with a cat that has not been sterilized it takes advice: not worth it. A neutered cat will mark not your entire home with his urine to drive away other cats, it will look for any way to escape from your house to look bride and find will have to fight for it with other stray cats. These can infect him with disease and mistreat enough to have to take him to the vet. This circle last a lifetime.

Living with a cat unsterilized stress involved in being in eternal preventing the cat can not escape to dating and if you can keep it at home will suffer with their deafening caterwauling 24 hours a day while calling their lovers.

Besides this, your cat will bring the world a minimum of 12 kittens a year.

It seems a horror story, but it is not fantasy. Do not be put off by ill-founded that if your cat is neutered is not male or let your cat be a mother because you love kittens chauvinistic sentiments. Being a responsible pet owner is to want quality of life for your pet. It is a vital and very important decision.

What is involved in the process;? In the sterilization process the reproductive system of the cat is removed. In castration cat’s testicles are removed. Both processes are very common and are carried out thousands daily. But it is still a surgical process that can take risks. Discuss with your veterinarian any questions.

Recovery; Once the operation through the recovery process begins. This does not last more than 5 days and your job is to keep the cat as calm as possible, this means trying to distract him not to jump to your favorite tablet or hide in that impossible corner to find, so you avoid getting hurt and have to back to the vet. Save money, keep your guard.

Then the process will feel the change especially in male cats. The need to mark territory and escape from the house wanes. Both female and male will become more peaceful since they no longer live in constant race to mate … and at the end of it all got what you wanted from the beginning, a loving cat with you.