Steps to implement “Trap / Neuter / Return” in your community

You see them everywhere. They live where you live or work. When they find a safe place and available food, cats come together and form colonies. This is where they live, mate, kittens are born and cats die. Because of its easy proliferation, the number of cats up to dangerous numbers quickly. For years it has tried to control the situation picking them up and taking them to shelters. Cats are smarter, they are carried 4 and 6 new pussycats approach the colony. This vicious circle never ends. But there is a positive solution that has given results wherever it is installed.

It is called Trap / Neuter / Return (or TNR – Trap / Neuter / Return English) to the process of trapping the cats that live in the colony, take them to the vet to be neutered and vaccinated before being returned to their home colony . It is the most effective way to deal with the problem of overpopulation of cats in communities and cities providing healthy life for cats and the humans who interact with them. When the cat is sterilized their need to fight for couple disappears. Sterilized cat does not bring little ones to the world. Colony numbers are decreasing over the years. But while they are there, they live healthy and peaceful.

It sounds interesting right? You want to learn the process? Before you take, you have to earn your trust.

The easiest way to earn cats is giving them food. Establishes a regular time and place for food and water. Do not force them, let them find the place and adjust their schedule to yours to create a routine.

In this complicated life we ​​live being in a specific place at a certain time is not always possible. Need help. Create a group of neighbors willing to help with the Pussycats. Handing responsibilities run the process easier.

Notes the cats in the colony and into a list (with pictures if possible) the more docile than can be prepared for adoption of which must be returned. If there are babies kittens, they go to the list of adoption.

Before you catch, you need to trust the vet to operate your cats. Ask for animal charities. Many provide a list of veterinarians in the area who perform sterilizations at low cost. It also investigates non-profit entities that work with animals, they also help with economic operating expenses and vaccines also provide you with specific cages to catch stray cats. Make sure you have all the information in writing and that the numbers given are correct. You do not want surprises after the work is finished.

Cages to trap cats are not like those we use for our home cats. They are long and cast metal with a door that closes feels as soon move in;. • new or borrowed should be cleaned with hot water and soap. Dry it well. You do not want that smells like other cats;. • The idea of ​​walking on metal bars is not suitable for the cat. Place a towel or newspaper inside the cage to not be afraid to walk to it;. • To invite the cage, you have to have food. The smell of tuna drives them crazy. Check on a plate a lot and let the aroma reach his nostrils. • Cover the cage with a towel and put them in hiding as inbetween trash cans or under some plant locations. Do not put close to each other, cats will note the number and not enter;. • After you put the food, stay away from the cage but do not go very far. Other animals may be tempted to use the cage. Check every 15 minutes or so soon hear the door shut it. • Check that the jack is in the cage but NOT the destapes. It feels safer if plugged;. • The cat should not be removed from the cage until you reach the vet. If you’re spending the night with you, place the cage in a quiet corner and let it be.

After 24 hours, it’s time to take him home. Take the cage to its original place, open the door and let go time. You may fly off as you stay some time researching the area;. • Follow your routine food and water at the same time in the same place. Perhaps the first days do not come so fast, but the anger does not last long. Hunger calls and see again waiting for you to eat;. • Few actions in life fill us with as much joy as helping those in need. Your group of neighbors are doing a beautiful job. Congratulate and enjoy their company: cats and humans together.