The cat does not let you sleep. Know your natural schedule.

It’s 4 in the morning. Deep sleep. Your body enjoys a deserved rest and recharge batteries for the next day. But your cat has other plans. For him it’s time to eat and play. Techniques vary from cat to cat but generally includes

• constant meows at the door

• Brincos your pillow

• Destruction of objects valued

Does anyone sound familiar?

Before considering to give her cat someone who does not want much, you know why his behavior. Like everything in nature has a valid reason.

Natural Cat schedule

Your Pussycat is, by nature, night. Following his instincts wild cat, dawn and dusk are the ideal times to hunt. The day is to sleep and save energy. He now lives in the city, but it is their innate instincts.

His power is amazing adaptation. You can change your schedule to yours, but you have to work.

His life at home

The modern cat spends most of the day alone.

Your peace is over. After dealing with the constant meow or try to get the cat on your bed, you decide to get up and feed him to keep quiet. Pussycat subsides and you can return to your bed. But back to your sleep is not an option. You start your day tired and angry. It has happened, it’s not fun at all.

Before frustrated: There is a solution

But first I need to tell you what NOT to do

• Do not punish THE CAT: I know it’s frustrating, but control your anger. Punish, beat and / or yelling results in a cat that runs away from you. Nothing you solve that. Patience.

• DO NOT premies for bad behavior: Get up and give food to allow you to sleep is exactly what you want to achieve. As a small child, the cat looks for ways to get what you want. Knowing that if he keeps meowing is rewarded breakfast is incentive for the Pussycat.

• Be consistent: Do not be overcome. Become asleep. Do not talk to him. negative attention is still attention and you look for.

Knowing the feline behavior we understand that the solution is to think like a cat. Their own instincts hunters give you the answer.

Hunt, play, eat and sleep These are the steps that will allow a deep sleep for both. Follow constantly ensure success.

Adaptation time: 2 weeks (approximately)

What you need: Patience, toys, adequate food

• Hunting: To burn off energy! Instígalo to exercise using interactive toys. Help him to feel like the tiger in the jungle has to hunt for food.

• Play: Continued activity. I am part of the moment. Run it through the house. Tiéntalo with a toy to bounce up and down on his tablets. Your appetite increases and energy decreases. Pussycat tired.

• Eating: Now it’s time for dinner. Perhaps during the day you will have some food to linger, but the main course should be offered in the evening. food high in protein is recommended to last in your system for hours. After a good dose kitten ready to sleep.

• Sleep: It’s time expected. If the cat has played enough energy level must be very low and your body ready to rest.

Exceptions to the rule

• Changing your sleep habits may indicate disease. If your cat does not usually wake up in the morning and suddenly begins to do perhaps the problem is not medical and behavioral. Take him to the vet.