The cat feels your hormonal changes

One of those days spent in the office you would like to forget. Your partner left you. The business was not successful. Difficult moments. You arrive home and notes that the cat is more affectionate than usual. Suspect, you are looking for room to room trying to find the mess but everything is under control. This is when you wonder if the Pussycat feel that you are not going well. How is it possible?

One of the mysteries is his cat called sixth sense. The idea has no scientific explanation because the cat does not migrate from one pole to another during the year as many birds, but their ability to recognize changes around and know the way to take reinforce the theory. The same happens with your mood.

The reason? Our hormones betray us.

Feel your smell: The smell of cat is 14 times more powerful than ours and can detect any changes in your body sometimes before we realize. Although not percates, our system gives off signals called pheromones and smells the cat captures leading him to take action.

Your body language says a lot: When we are happy our body is in a state of ecstasy, open arms, smile on face. Instead a sad and tearful mood the whole body seems to close the world. Not to be a good detective to decide how we feel, so the cat tries to adapt to the situation, reacting to their way

• Loving Cat: Understand that you are happy and want to be part of the moment. Which snuggles next to you on the couch for purring or walks through your legs while not feeding time. Confident without any fear.

• Scary Cat: The cat is always present as focus now hiding in corners and under furniture. Something in the way you communicate with him has changed, see if you are very tense and angry. Although the cat has nothing to do with what happened, it will act defensively to protect themselves. Surely if you try to pet him hosting can be a blow or to be Pussycat flight. Do not force the match. Leave him alone.

• compassionate Cat: This is activated by hormones bouncing your tears. Some jump into your lap to calm, others prefer to wait for a short distance, watching your composure. No caresses, but he does not leave. Your partner in good times and less good.

This feature has become the new ideal companion for the elderly. Pussycat is easier to care for the dog as well as having the ability to understand the mood of its owner like his canine friend. Every day there are more cats taken to hospitals or nursing homes as positive therapy, giving them a little affection and purring happy people in need.

Pregnancy forewarned: From the moment that your body is in a state of pregnancy hormones begins broadcasting. Pussycat sometimes recognizes that there is a change before you do the test. Obviously you do not understand what’s going on, but for now the mother becomes the most exciting individual home. Many cats on protecting pregnant women, becoming almost as the shadow follows you everywhere.

• The dreaded toxoplasmosis: The first thing you will tell your friends is that if you are pregnant have to leave your cat. It is not like this. Toxoplasmosis is an infection that is spread through cat excreta.

• If your cat lives indoors; • No leaves to hunt birds outside; • No contact with other cats in the neighborhood; • Nobody uses his litter box; The chances of being caught are tiny. The recommendation of veterinarians and gynecologists alike is that during the months pregnant women should not clean the litter box. If this is not possible, then use gloves when cleaning and wash hands thoroughly afterwards.

A healthy cat has the opportunity to enjoy the pregnancy of his mistress and be part of the life of the child, after all, he knew that came before you.