The Cat in stress

Stress is part of our lives. We spent much of it trying to remove it. It is not always possible, but we learn to deal with it. Your cat does not understand what is stress, just feel something has changed in your life and it shows with serious behavioral changes.

Stress in cats is caused by two choices: your health or a change in their environment. As we have said many times, no one knows your cat better than you. Observe and points any change in his personality.

Some signs of stress in your cat

• Do not use the litter box

• Behaves very aggressive

• It is constantly clean up left areas without hair

• Leaving eating

• Hiding instead of sharing with you

If your cat shows any of these signs, you is trying to say something. The first thing to rule out is a health problem. Your cat can not tell you a stomachache or feel fever, her way of expressing discomfort is seeking attention.

It’s time to go to the vet and find out.

If the result of the veterinarian is that your cat is healthy, then the problem is environmental.

environmental changes and possible solutions

• Moving: Moving house is difficult for us, but worse for your cat. Remember that the cat enjoys his routine, sleeping under the window a morning nap in the sun, play with you after lunch, eat dinner at the same time on the same plate placed in the same place. When any of these items change, your life is disrupted. The most efficient way to achieve positive change when you move is to take your cat slowly. Separate a room for him in his new home as you did when the Pussycat came into your life. Place your food, water, litter box and toys and leave it locked. You will achieve this that the cat has a place where you feel safe and feel “yours”. Once you get used to your site, leave it out for short intervals of time to get to know your home. Once you feel comfortable in it, he will seek their new quarters.

• New family member: This includes husband / a baby or a new pet. No matter that the bird lives in a cage or keep the dog in the yard. A change is a change. New smells in the house are elements of intrigue and stress for your cat. To help the situation, do not force contact with the new member, let your cat go to your step. If you do not want to make friends with your boyfriend, leave him alone. If necessary, for example if you have a new puppy at home, returns to the tactic of placing the cat in a secure room just for him and follow the appropriate instructions.

• Home Party: Your cat can be very sociable and enjoy the party, but most prefer to escape the noise and people. Think of it when planning the party. Again place it in a sealed envelope and leave it quiet room. It will not show very affectionate during the holidays, but the next day when everything returns to normal, stress must have happened.

• Death in the family: Here I include human death or other pet. Like losing a loved one destroys us emotionally, your cat also goes through a process of adaptation to life without that person or pet. Who says to me that cats do not feel or miss, have never seen a kitten meowing around the house looking for that person who is no longer. One way to reassure is leaving some piece of clothing with the smell of the person in their sleeping areas or other toy cat or dog with its smell. The smell the odor will help you relax.

Your situation is different? the bad behavior of your cat may be due to a neurological condition and needs some medicine to calm him. Perhaps he suffered a trauma with someone who mistreated or simply not carried with the new kitten at home. Check with your veterinarian. There are medicines to calm many of them natural with no side effects.