The cat is beneficial therapy for your health

The benefits of having a cat are many: companionship, fun, conversation piece, ideal for any photography model. You can add one more to the list: beneficial to your health. Yes, in this relationship both wins.

Reduce stress: Medical studies have found that pet owners (especially cats) reflect less stress on your system compared to those without animals live. And it does not stop there. A low stress life is one with less heart problems. The number of people with cats suffering heart attacks is less than the population living without purrs.

Although the reasons are unclear, doctors indicate that the combination “petting and purring” is one of the keys. If you have a pussycat at home you know well what they say. Sit down and pet your cat after a hard day at work helps eliminate bad mood and problems of the office. You have to reward him with clean his litter box is a minimum payment.

Children resist diseases: After several studies have found that children who grow up with animals not only grow with a strong respect for nature and its inhabitants, they also develop resistance to some diseases, especially respiratory.

By this I do not tell you that if you have a baby you go out to look for a kitten. The idea that grow together sounds idyllic, but the reality is that one (the one tail) reaches its adult stage 4 or 5 months while the other (human) is still in its infancy. If your plans you’ve always wanted your child grows up among cats, starts adopting an adult pussycat.

They bring happiness to the sick: In this category the dog has always been the hero. Surely you know about guide dogs that help the blind to have an independent life. Also dogs visiting hospitals and senior centers offering affection as therapy. All admirable works.

Well, the cat is not far behind.

Every day there are more cats that are trained to give away love and affection as therapy for those human beings who live with severe medical conditions. For seniors living in centers and spend hours alone, visiting cat brings happiness and companionship, his purr while being petted brings calm. Even Alzheimer’s patients in advanced stages, when no longer recognize or their loved ones, react with love when they are visited by therapists cats.

Cat sixth sense comes into play: Every day more common stories about how the cat through his sixth sense helps people suffering health problems to live a life more bearable. Many who think it is a myth should pay attention. Whatever the cat senses, helps many in difficult times.

• convulsions (seizures): The person who suffers from seizures leads a life in tension. The condition occurs when the brain does not get the right signals avoiding voluntary movements in the body. That constant suffering a seizure while in a situation like lead or walk down the street, forces the person to live locked at home fear.

The cat, for some reason, senses when a seizure will occur (sometimes even hours before), allowing the patient can be prepared before it happens. The trust that the patient places in the cat helps to bear the burden and feel freer in their life.

• Children with Autism: Autism is a condition that is increasing. And many are the children learning to communicate with the help of animals. The cat is climbing the ranks in this category. What gives you the cat that child? In some cases parents indicate that the cat is patient and just listen. It is there to give love and companionship without bothering much. The cat is an animal that needs constant attention, maybe that calms the child. Whatever the situation is the hero Pussycat helps these guys to leave that private world and enter, even a little, the world of others.

• Help to say goodbye: It may be the sixth sense or intense sense of smell, but the reality is that many cats they sense when someone is going to die and decided to accompany the person during the process. The data is well documented, including the famous cat is Oscar, the protagonist of books on the subject. And not talking cat family. Most cats are therapists who visit hospitals and senior centers.

I do not know about you, but when I go to the next trip, I’d fire me stroking a cat.

Qualities to train a cat therapist, do you think your cat can help those who need it? Before taking him to hospital, consider certain points; • The cat has to be adult; • The cat should be a sociable and calm temperament. • You should feel comfortable with people who cherish or grab with different intensities. For example: an old man caresses softly, but a child will be more tough, plus grab the tail; • Train your pussycat to enter smoothly to his cage and use the harness; • As part of training, take him to visit people. you know, like your parents or friends. View cat’s reaction to this situation will give you a better idea of ​​what needs to improve.

If you think your cat can do the job, seeks information from hospitals about therapy animals. Also in pet associations and the internet. Both the cat as you need training.