The cat takes thee

Party in the House. Friends everywhere. The cat wanders amiably together, but only purrs you. You do not want to admit it but the emotion can be read on your face. Your pussycat you took yourself.

This assertion may seem strange to someone who has never shared with cats. But we who live in the world with cats recognize that it is true. The cat, provided you have the opportunity to choose their guardian. And I make this clarification because of course, there are times to choose the right person is not the most important. situations like

• an orphan kitten rescue

• inherit a cat from a friend or family member ill or dies

these are extreme ways to bring a cat to your home, but it does not mean that the new relationship will not work.

The cat is independent: This point, that in so many ways, is correct but today we know more about the cat-like behavior and understand that although it can live on its own, is not what you want.

Everything is based on its ability to adapt. The cat can adapt to adverse situations that will come your way. But “fit” is not equal to “live comfortably”. Not always the place where it ends is one that provides security and food. Which brings us to the next point

The cat is for convenience. Throughout its existence the cat has adapted to live in boats across oceans, then learn to live the rural life, maintaining free of rodents crops. He left behind the anxiety of having to find food to survive day after day. Definitely a more convenient life. But given the opportunity, insurance Pussycat preferred to live in the house, nestled at the foot of his guardian.

Because the cat enjoys the convenience, but also seeks the affection of humans.

Something connects with you: Your affections are dedicated to specific people. It happens a lot in shelters. The person goes in search of his pet and look indecisive all cages full of beautiful kittens. But one sends the right signal. Perhaps he extends his paw to greet or specially meows when he sees it.

The same happens with stray cats adopted from the street. You can take years to feed a specific colony. All your friends are, but one decides to follow you home and settle into your balcony. It is not convenience, is that it has adopted you.

Love at first sight? Nobody knows for sure what exactly attracts the cat to certain people, which itself is known is that the Pussycat enjoy relaxed places with little noise. Even when living in homes with small children, only they interact with them when they are calm. The moment the child’s play is activated, the cat (usually) goes to your safe tablet and watches from above.

Sometimes the love is growing slowly. The crush is not immediate. To feel adopted you need to know him better. Pussycat devote time to help establish a positive relationship. The game is important to achieve the most successful coexistence element. If you go as playmate addition to their source of food and water, you will look more closely. You’ll see how suddenly you have it purring next to you while you’re watching TV.

Do not miss important points of view: This information has not been written to discourage you in your search for that kitty. Sit on your balcony to wait for the cat of your dreams appears and feels to you is not the solution. If you are determined to adopt a cat, your first decision is to choose responsible guardian Pussycat that best suits your lifestyle. There is one for each style

• If you’ve never had a cat: consider adopting an adult cat. It’s been your kitten season, knows how to use the litter box and not destroy your curtains.

• If you are allergic: Please note that you’ll have to clean more often. Keep your closed as free space cat room is recommended. And of course, do not adopt the longhaired cat.

No matter who adopt whom. Pussycat Treaty fondly always feel you as their guardian.