The correct way to grab a cat

Question: The correct way to grab a cat

Many are lapdogs, others flee as soon feel your intention to grab. But it is important to know how much to rescue in an emergency, place it in its cage or enjoy a good session of affection.


The first thing to consider is that your cat does not like sudden movements. Go gently and carefully to prevent run out and hide.

1. Usually cats prefer to remain alert position. Nothing burdening them with his belly which air babies. Put your hand under your stomach, with your arm encircling his hind legs.

2. Use your other hand to place it near your chest.

NOTE: Your cat always have a tiger inside. If you are bitten or scratched while you grab it, do not try to let go. You’ll see it as their prey trying to escape so bite stronger. Leave your quiet arm. Seeing that there is no struggle, your cat will be released.